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“Uzbekistan is a secular state, and it will remain so” — President
9 May 2023, 06:10

“Uzbekistan is a secular state, and it will remain so” — President

“Uzbekistan is a secular state, and it will remain so,” the President said. “Our society will never tolerate any kind of radicalisation or the use of religion for political purposes,” he stressed.

The law is sacred, everyone should remember that, especially public officials — President
9 May 2023, 06:01

The law is sacred, everyone should remember that, especially public officials — President

“The law is sacred, a just decision must always be made — this idea must become the rule of life for every member of society, especially public officials,” said the president of Uzbekistan. He acknowledged that implementing the principle of the rule of law will not be easy.

President of Uzbekistan makes statement on referendum results
9 May 2023, 05:49

President of Uzbekistan makes statement on referendum results

The President of Uzbekistan called the referendum on the new constitution a historic event. He stressed that the people “once again demonstrated in practice their commitment to the ideas of democracy, freedom and equality, social justice and unity”.

Uzbekistan’s new constitution takes effect as of May 1
1 May 2023, 20:30

Uzbekistan’s new constitution takes effect as of May 1

Uzbekistan’s new constitution officially came into effect as of May 1, according to the Central Election Commission. The new constitution is composed of six parts, 27 chapters, and 155 articles. The changes were approved by an overwhelming majority of voters (90.2%) in a referendum held on April 30.

CEC announces final results of Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum
1 May 2023, 18:50

CEC announces final results of Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum

The Central Election Commission announced the final results of Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum held on May 1. Turnout was 84.5% (16,667,097 voters), with 90.2% of votes in favour and 9.35% against. Results in three polling stations were cancelled due to irregularities.

CEC nullifies referendum results in three polling stations due to violations
1 May 2023, 16:28

CEC nullifies referendum results in three polling stations due to violations

The CEC invalidated 3 polling stations' results for Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum due to serious violations. However, the CEC stated that these irregularities do not affect the referendum’s validity, with a 84.54% turnout and 90.21% in favour of the amendment.

Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum sees 84.54% turnout, 90.21% vote in favor
1 May 2023, 11:22

Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum sees 84.54% turnout, 90.21% vote in favor

According to the preliminary results shared by Zayniddin Nizamkhojaev, the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, the voter turnout for the referendum on Uzbekistan’s new Constitution held on April 30 was 84.54%. 90.21% of voters voted to change the constitution, while 9.35% voted against it.

CEC investigates case of vote-rigging by a commission member in the constitutional referendum
30 April 2023, 21:04

CEC investigates case of vote-rigging by a commission member in the constitutional referendum

The CEC has launched an investigation into a video showing a polling station member ticking “Yes” on several ballot papers in a row. The CEC has accused her of filling in 16 ballots illegally on behalf of family members. The Prosecutor’s Office is involved in the investigation.

As of 17:00, Uzbekistan sees 81.39% voter turnout in the referendum
30 April 2023, 18:32

As of 17:00, Uzbekistan sees 81.39% voter turnout in the referendum

As of 17:00, over 81.39% of registered voters participated in Uzbekistan’s constitutional referendum. The Deputy Chairman of the CEC confirmed that some irregularities occurred at some polling stations. The CEC also found inaccurate information among the reported irregularities.

Uzbekistan’s Constitution Referendum sees 73.17% voter turnout
30 April 2023, 17:07

Uzbekistan’s Constitution Referendum sees 73.17% voter turnout

As of 15:00, over 14 million registered voters, equivalent to 73.17%, cast their votes in Uzbekistan’s referendum on the revised Constitution across 1,758 polling stations. CEC Deputy Chairman Bakhrom Kuchkarov said the commission was looking into reports of possible irregularities.

Voting for family members observed in some referendum precincts
30 April 2023, 16:51

Voting for family members observed in some referendum precincts

Polling station irregularities have been reported by correspondents during the referendum in Tashkent, with voting for family members being the most common violation. Additionally, observers have been criticized for their passivity.

Photo: Politicians of Uzbekistan cast their votes in the Constitutional Referendum
30 April 2023, 16:33

Photo: Politicians of Uzbekistan cast their votes in the Constitutional Referendum

Ministers and officials of Uzbekistan voted in the referendum on the new Constitution. Some were spotted at polling stations by correspondents, while others had photos provided by their department’s press services.

The President of Uzbekistan and his family voted in the referendum (photo, video)
30 April 2023, 15:50

The President of Uzbekistan and his family voted in the referendum (photo, video)

The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, and his family vote in a referendum on a revised Constitution. Photo.

In pictures: Referendum on new Constitution underway in Uzbekistan
30 April 2023, 15:07

In pictures: Referendum on new Constitution underway in Uzbekistan

The referendum on the revised constitution of Uzbekistan began at 8:00, as polling stations opened for voters, and will continue until 20:00. is reporting on the ground.

Referendum in Uzbekistan declared valid
30 April 2023, 14:46

Referendum in Uzbekistan declared valid

Deputy Head of the Central Election Commission, Bakhrom Kuchkarov, has announced that the referendum on Uzbekistan’s new constitution has been deemed valid. As of 13:00, over 12 million voters, which constitutes 62.24% of the total number of eligible voters, had participated in the referendum.

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