journalists have observed irregularities in the voting process at several referendum polling stations in Tashkent. The prevalent violation noted is the practice of family voting. Although such incidents have reduced in number in recent years due to widespread awareness campaigns, they are still being observed.

Instances of improper voting procedures have also been reported by journalists. Such violations include instances where both spouses arrive at the polling station together, but only one of them fills out the ballot paper in the presence of the other. In addition, it has been observed that some commission members have provided voters with more than one ballot paper to cast their votes.

constitution, referendum-2023, violations

In reply to our reporters' remarks to the heads of commissions they thanked and promised to take measures. At some polling stations they stopped giving out more than one ballot paper. Our journalist witnessed several people who wanted to vote for their relatives were asked to invite family members to the polling station to do so themselves.

In addition, according to our correspondent’s observation, at one polling station voters were allowed to cast their vote despite the fact that they did not have their identity documents with them. The commission accepted electronic copies of ID cards as their proof of identity.

At some polling stations journalists were invited to have breakfast or offered tea.

Correspondents also note the passivity of observers at the polling stations. Many of them are mostly seated at tables, from where it is impossible to fully observe the process.

constitution, referendum-2023, violations

An empty observers' table at 10:15.

At many polling stations in the morning the observers' tables were either empty or one or two party observers were present.

constitution, referendum-2023, violations

“ has data on the polling stations where the above-mentioned violations were noted.

It should be noted that Zainiddin Nizamkhojaev, head of the Central Election Commission, speaking at a 9:00 briefing at the CEC, said that at that time no violations were registered during the voting. Deputy Interior Minister Bekmurod Abdullayev, who spoke to reporters at 11:00, also said that so far the Interior Ministry has received no reports of violations of law during the referendum voting.

Violations can be reported by calling the CEC’s short code 1200 or by calling the Interior Ministry’s 102 number.