As of 17:00, the turnout in the referendum on Uzbekistan’s new constitution was 81.39%. This was announced at an evening briefing by Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Bakhrom Kuchkarov.

At that time, 15,802,095 out of 19,414,914 registered voters had cast their votes.

So far, voting has been completed in Vladivostok, Tokyo, Seoul, Gwangju, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. The counting and tabulation of votes has begun.

At 17:00 Tashkent time, voting began in the USA — in Washington and New York. Elsewhere, voting continues.

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Bakhrom Kuchkarov, commenting on reports on the Internet, confirmed that irregularities “not affecting the outcome of the voting” had been reported at some polling stations. These include untimely posting of voter lists at polling stations, the absence of Braille stencils for blind voters, and the presence of family members of voters in secret voting booths.

“Unfortunately, there is some unfounded information among the reports in online media and social networks,” he said.

The deputy head of the CEC noted that the commission together with the polling station commissions are studying all the cases. The analysis showed that the report with the photo that one woman voted twice at polling station 129 in Tashkent was found to be untrue after examination by the commission members, including viewing the camera recordings.

“We ask everyone, especially the media, to cover the referendum process objectively”, Bakhrom Kuchkarov urged.

Voting at polling stations in Uzbekistan will end at 20:00.