A video went viral on social media showing a member of the polling station commission at polling station 772 in Tashkent ticking the “Yes” box on six ballots in a row. The woman’s action was recorded and shared on social media.

“Members of the Central Election Commission promptly investigated the case with a field visit,” the CEC said in a statement.

T.N., a mahalla activist and member of the polling station commission, reportedly “took 16 ballot papers on her own and filled them in on behalf of her family members, in violation of the referendum law”.

“This case was established by the Chairman of the commission on the spot, the cancellation of these ballot papers was ensured, they were subtracted from the total number and added to the spoiled ballot papers,” the CEC said.

Under the CEC’s supervision, the 14th District Commission in Tashkent is examining the situation in co-operation with the prosecutor’s office, it said.

The CEC thanked “members of the public who are not indifferent to the referendum process based on principles of legality”.

To recap, Gazeta.uz reported in the morning that journalists at polling stations noted some violations. The most common was voting for family members. Our correspondents also pointed to the passivity or lack of observers.

Later, the Prosecutor General’s Office said that not all information might reach the prosecutor’s office and called on the public, journalists and observers to report violations by calling the 1007 hotline.

In the evening, the CEC acknowledged possible irregularities in some polling stations, “[that] does not affect the outcome of the vote”. However, the commission said that some of the reported irregularities included inaccurate information.