The referendum on Uzbekistan’s new constitution has been declared valid, Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission Bakhrom Kuchkarov said.

By 13:00, more than 12,083,105 people had voted, or 62.24% of all voters, he said.

“We are witnessing high voter turnout,” said a CEC official.

According to Article 38 of the Electoral Code, a decision is deemed valid in a referendum if more than half of the citizens who cast a vote.

“Based on this, there are grounds to declare that the referendum is valid,” said Bakhrom Kuchkarov.cec, constitution, referendum-2023cec, constitution, referendum-2023

Referendum turnout by 13:00. Source: CEC.

A total of 19,722,809 people were included in the unified electronic voter register. Including 307,895 people registered to vote abroad.

The deputy head of the CEC reminded that citizens have the right to send appeals or complaints to the CEC’s number: 1200 (calls within Uzbekistan are free).

By 13:00, 148 appeals from citizens had been received and were being studied by the CEC. “Not a single appeal will be ignored”, said Bakhrom Kuchkarov.

“In general, referendum processes are conducted in compliance with national and international law”, he concluded.