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Uzbekistan increases trade with China and Russia, decreases with neighbors in 2023
9 February 2024, 14:02

Uzbekistan increases trade with China and Russia, decreases with neighbors in 2023

China replaced Russia as Uzbekistan’s primary trading partner in 2023. Trade with both countries increased, with growing imports to Uzbekistan and decreasing exports. At the same time, trade with neighboring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan declined.

Germany offers 50,000 available job places to Uzbekistan
2 February 2024, 17:25

Germany offers 50,000 available job places to Uzbekistan

German employers are officially providing 50,000 available job positions for citizens of Uzbekistan through the Agency for External Labor Migration. The agency also assists Uzbekistani individuals in enrolling in German language courses before their departure.

KfW Bank allocates €200 million to improve water and sanitation in Uzbekistan’s Surkhandarya and Fergana regions
5 May 2023, 23:57

KfW Bank allocates €200 million to improve water and sanitation in Uzbekistan’s Surkhandarya and Fergana regions

Uzsuvta’minot secured a €200 million loan and grant from Germany’s KfW Bank to improve drinking water and sewerage services in Surkhandarya and Ferghana regions. Aqua Consult Ingenieur also signed a memorandum for a sewerage project in Samarkand’s regional centres.

President of Uzbekistan meets with heads of top German companies and banks
5 May 2023, 23:26

President of Uzbekistan meets with heads of top German companies and banks

“Uzbekistan must be associated with stability, reliability and predictability for foreign investors. We are ready to create all conditions for every German businessman to feel free and confident in our country,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev told German business leaders at a meeting in Berlin.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds talks with Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin
5 May 2023, 22:30

Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds talks with Frank-Walter Steinmeier in Berlin

The Presidents of Uzbekistan and Germany held talks in Berlin, discussing priority areas of cooperation. Germany expressed readiness to support regional connectivity projects, including the EU’s Global Gateway initiative. The Goethe Institute is expected to expand activities to Uzbekistan’s regions.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds talks with Olaf Scholz
3 May 2023, 08:43

Shavkat Mirziyoyev holds talks with Olaf Scholz

The President of Uzbekistan held talks with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin. During the visit 16 intergovernmental and interdepartmental documents in various spheres, including economics, trade, finance, education, science, and innovation, were signed.

Germany’s KfW allocates €50.5 million to healthcare digitalization of Uzbekistan
2 May 2023, 22:00

Germany’s KfW allocates €50.5 million to healthcare digitalization of Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan signed a loan agreement worth €45 million and a grant agreement worth €5.5 million with Germany’s KfW Development Bank to support the country’s healthcare system digitalisation.

President of Uzbekistan to visit Germany on 2−3 May
1 May 2023, 12:10

President of Uzbekistan to visit Germany on 2−3 May

President Mirziyoyev is set to visit Germany on May 2−3. During his visit, the Uzbek President will meet with German President Steinmeier and Chancellor Olaf Scholz to discuss deepening bilateral relations. The President will also hold a separate meeting with German business leaders.

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