German employers offer 50,000 free job position for Uzbekistani citizens, the Agency for External Labor Migration shared with

Free vacancies are offered in the following professions:

  • nurse;
  • truck driver;
  • truck and agricultural machinery maintenance;
  • hotel management;
  • restaurant work;
  • tourism;
  • craftsmanship;
  • mechatronics;
  • construction and other fields.

Salaries begin at 1,000 euros in case of employment through the Ausbildung program, curated by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Germany. The program offers comprehensive training in a specific profession, integrating theoretical and practical knowledge.

In case of an employee directly enetering into an employment contract with an employer, salaries start at 2,000 euros, the agency reported.

Individuals interested in these opportunities need to complete a form to be included in the agency’s reserve personnel database.

Candidates willing to work in these sectors in Germany have an opportunity to take German language courses in various regions of Uzbekistan, the agency mentioned.

The agency invites all training centers in the country to cooperate in training personnel for these available positions.

“Thanks to the government, these job positions became available, and agreements were reached accordingly. Employers have their own requirements, but with targeted measures, we can employ 50,000 people. For this reason, we try to provide for citizens traininig in German language and professions before their departure,” the press service of the agency commented.

The agency added that the language training can be conducted in monocenters and learning centers under the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction, as well asa in private learning centers.

Currently, labor migration from Uzbekistan is mainly directed towards a few neighboring countries, particularly Russia and Kazakhstan, which contribute significantly to remittance inflows. However, there is a gradual geographic diversification of migration patterns, the Central Bank of Uzbekistan noted earlier. Specifically, the share of remittances from Russia decreased from 87% to 78%.

In 2022, almost a quarter of seasonal workers in the UK came from Central Asia. Uzbekistan ranked second after Ukraine. Traveling to Manchester for strawberry picking was a comment shared with a correspondent by an Uzbekistani migrant worker flying from the Istanbul airport to the UK. According to the person, the minimum wage is £14 per hour. This is equivalent to nearly 200,000 soums at the Central Bank exchange rate as of April 9, 2023.