The Statistics Agency under the President of Uzbekistan has updated the minimum expenditure basket (MEB), used to determine the poverty line, by 4.3%. It was raised from 621,000 soums to 648,000 soums per person per month (from 20,700 soums to 21,600 soums per day). These figures are equivalent to a raise from $49.20 to $51.34 per person per month (from $1.64 to $1.71 per day), according to the exchange rate of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan on 30 April 2024.

According to the law, the agency announces the figure by 20 January. At the beginning of the year, the MEB was raised by 9.3% to 621,000 soums ($49.20), with the official annual inflation rate of 8.7%. Later, minimum pensions and allowances were adjusted to meet the poverty line.

However, due to the increase in electricity and gas tariffs (up to 52.5−71% minimum) from 1 May, it was decided to raise the poverty line once again.

Starting from 2022, the criterion for recognizing a family as low-income through the Unified Register of Social Protection system is based on the average per capita income per month, which is aligned with MEB. Certain allowances and social norms must be provided at least at the level of the MEB.

The Ministry of Energy previously stated that prepaid gas and electricity before 1 May will retain the old tariffs for two months from the payment date, but only within the social norm (up to 100 cubic meters and up to 200 kWh).

The Agency of Social Protection previously announced that approximately 1.5 million families in need will receive assistance in response to the tariff increases. In addition to adjusting the poverty line, pensions, and allowances, a lump sum payment of 270,000 soums ($21.39) for the heating season and compensation are planned.