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Uzbekistan raises poverty line again amid increase in energy tariffs
30 April 2024, 13:11

Uzbekistan raises poverty line again amid increase in energy tariffs

Minimum expenditure basket in Uzbekistan, also used to determine the poverty line, has risen by 4.3%, from 621,000 soums to 648,000 soums (from $49 to $51) per month. This adjustment, the second this year, reflects the upcoming increase in gas and electricity tariffs from 1 May.

UN principles to be introduced to the national statistical system of Uzbekistan
11 March 2024, 13:52

UN principles to be introduced to the national statistical system of Uzbekistan

National statistical system of Uzbekistan aims to adopt UN principles of the National Quality Assurance Framework by the end of 2024. The Statistics Agency was directed to annually generate and publish indicators of minimum consumer expenditures and poverty level.

Poverty line increases in Uzbekistan
22 January 2024, 11:38

Poverty line increases in Uzbekistan

Minimum monthly expenditure basket in Uzbekistan has been raised by 9.3%, from 568,000 to 621,000 soums (from $45.78 to $50.05). This indicator is used to determine the poverty line in the country and considers the inflation rate.

Uzbekistan to implement China’s model of poverty reduction in 14 districts
16 May 2023, 21:57

Uzbekistan to implement China’s model of poverty reduction in 14 districts

A poverty reduction programme based on China’s experience (with improved road and other infrastructure) is being implemented in 14 districts of Uzbekistan, including the Chilanzar district of Tashkent. Starting next year, the programme could cover the whole country.

Uzbekistan to launch employment programme with special tax benefits
16 May 2023, 18:21

Uzbekistan to launch employment programme with special tax benefits

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced a new $1 billion programme “20,000 entrepreneurs — 500,000 qualified specialists”. The programme will provide entrepreneurs who train and employ poor citizens with loans, tax and customs preferences, infrastructure and land. The programme will start on June 1.

President unveils new measures to reduce poverty and increase employment in Uzbekistan
11 May 2023, 10:18

President unveils new measures to reduce poverty and increase employment in Uzbekistan

President unveiled measures to reduce poverty and unemployment, such as signing contracts with businesses to train workers, providing preferential access to infrastructure and credit, implementing a new program based on China’s experience, and revising the procedure for granting loans and subsidies.

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