Tashkent regional MPs have endorsed the transfer of land from two districts to New Tashkent district, a decision made by the regional kengash (council) on March 13.

For the construction of New Tashkent, 19,729.31 hectares of land will be allocated, exceeding the initial estimate by 8.51 hectares. This land is situated in Yukorichirchik (17,323.31 hectares instead of 17,314.8 hectares) and Urtachirchik (2,406 hectares) districts of Tashkent region.

The 13th district of the capital, New Tashkent, will encompass 33 mahallas from Yukorichirchik district (20 fully and 13 partially) and 7 mahallas from Urtachirchik district (4 fully and 3 partially).

The land will be transferred without altering its current categories of lands.

These changes will take effect upon the adoption of the resolution by the chambers of the Oliy Majlis.

New Tashkent, spanning 20,000 hectares and designed to accommodate 500,000 people, will house administrative buildings, including Administration of the President, the government, ministries as well as universities and other facilities.

However, only 6,000 hectares are planned to be developed by 2045. For this territory, prospective areas for development and road schemes linking the capital with the new district have been outlined.

In March 2023, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev inaugurated the construction of New Tashkent.

Last September, the head of state approved the integrated design of Tashkent and New Tashkent developed by a British company Cross Works. “Yes, we call it New Tashkent, but tomorrow it has to renew the old Tashkent as well. They have to become one blood, one artery,” noted Davronjon Adilov, head of the construction directorate.

The president highlighted the importance of starting the New Tashkent project, noting that in five years it will be “impossible to live in the capital city”.