The project of the ethnographic tourist center “Boqiy Buxoro” (“Eternal Bukhara”), located on the borders with the historical part and buffer zone of Bukhara, is estimated at $470 million. This follows from the government’s decree on measures to implement the investment program for the first quarter of 2024, noted.

The realization of the project is planned for the years 2024−2026, with the foreign investor identified as the Singapore-based company with an incomplete name (Pte. Ltd.). Previously, Enter Engineering Pte. Ltd. from Singapore was chosen as the project contractor.

For the first quarter of the current year, investments totaling $14.9 million are expected to be utilized.

About the project and objections of the residents

In early January 2023, residents of Bukhara appealed to President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev regarding plans to construct a tourist center in the city center. Enter Engineering, the entity involved in a similar project in Samarkand, was identified as the project’s sponsor.

29 state facilities are planned for demolition to accommodate a 32.6 hectares complex. The targeted infrastructure inlcudes buildings of the hokimiyats (regional governors' offices of Bukhara region and Bukhara city, the regional Prosecutor’s Office, Bureau of Compulsory Enforcement, public school No. 2, Bukhara State Medical Institute, College of Culture, stadium Bukhara Arena, registry office and others.

As per the government’s decision, the project’s concept was directed to coordinate with UNESCO, considering that construction and reconstruction activities would take place on the borders of the historical part and buffer zone of Bukhara. reported that the selected site for the tourist center lies within the buffer zone of Bukhara’s historical center, prompting a disapproval from UNESCO’s office in Uzbekistan.

A year ago, the regional hokimiyat had stated alternative land plots would be considered, taking into account public opinion. The administration assured that the final decision and construction commencement would only occur after receiving UNESCO’s resolution.

However, it was revealed in January of this year that the project would proceed at the originally planned location. Nearly all facilities, including the stadium, are set for demolition. Hokim of the region, Botir Zaripov, mentioned plans for a new central stadium to accommodate 20,000 people, situated in the sixth micro-district of Bukhara. Additionally, five-six hectares of land will be allocated for parking lots.

In early February, the UNESCO office shared with that the government had not yet received permission from the organization for the project and urged authorities of Uzbekistan to promptly disclose details regarding the development of the historic city in the buffer zone. sought further clarification from UNESCO by submitting additional questions.

Nevertheless, residents and media reports suggest that the demolition of the central stadium in Bukhara has already started.