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Laws must be executed, not just penned, urged Shavkat Mirziyoyev
9 January 2024, 17:55

Laws must be executed, not just penned, urged Shavkat Mirziyoyev

People of Uzbekistan will be confident about their future if the country will strictly adhere to the rule of law, President Mirziyoyev stated, addressing the employees of the prosecutor’s office. “This goal is attainable,” he shared in his message.

Senate passes the law “On conflict of interest.” Key takeaways
2 June 2023, 11:25

Senate passes the law “On conflict of interest.” Key takeaways

The Senate of Uzbekistan passed the law “On conflict of interests.” It stipulates the concept “conflict of interest” and liabilities. Next is President’s approval.

The law is sacred, everyone should remember that, especially public officials — President
9 May 2023, 06:01

The law is sacred, everyone should remember that, especially public officials — President

“The law is sacred, a just decision must always be made — this idea must become the rule of life for every member of society, especially public officials,” said the president of Uzbekistan. He acknowledged that implementing the principle of the rule of law will not be easy.

Uzbekistan introduces discounted fine payment procedure for prompt payers
19 April 2023, 16:14

Uzbekistan introduces discounted fine payment procedure for prompt payers

Effective May 1, 2023, Uzbekistan’s new law grants increased discounts for timely fine payments. Offenders can pay 50% of the fine within 15 days or 70% within 30 days to settle outstanding balances, except for specific offences and repeat violations within a year.

Uzbekistan eliminates customs duties on key construction materials until 2025
14 April 2023, 18:20

Uzbekistan eliminates customs duties on key construction materials until 2025

The Uzbek President signed a decree to exempt several imported construction materials from customs duties until January 1, 2025. The measure is aimed at reducing housing construction costs by 5%.

Uzbek President signs legislation to protect women and minors from violence
11 April 2023, 19:27

Uzbek President signs legislation to protect women and minors from violence

The President signed legislation aimed at protecting women and minors from violence, according to Saida Mirziyoyeva. The legislation not only criminalizes domestic abuse, harassment, and stalking, but also precludes those convicted of sexual violence from receiving parole or leniency in sentencing.

Uzbek Senate approves amendments to strengthen anti-corruption legislation
10 April 2023, 19:32

Uzbek Senate approves amendments to strengthen anti-corruption legislation

Uzbek Senate approves legislative amendments aimed at combating corruption, introducing a new term “corruption offences” and increasing penalties for those crimes. The move is aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability.

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