On April 11, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev approved legislation aimed at safeguarding women and minors from acts of violence, according to Saida Mirziyoyeva, who leads the Communications and Information Policy Department within the Uzbek Presidential Administration.

“I am proud and grateful to all those involved in this victory! There is hard and long work ahead to make these articles work and make society change”, Saida Mirziyoyeva wrote in her Telegram channel.

Mirziyoyeva also called on government agencies, civil society, activists and the media “to get involved in this process and become a single mechanism in the fight against violence”.

“Violence is a crime, not innate to our culture!” — she emphasized.

Recall that on 6 April, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan ratified amendments to the country’s legal framework, bolstering the defence of women and children against violence. The newly adopted legislation criminalizes domestic abuse while also holding individuals accountable for harassment and stalking. As per the updated regulations, those convicted of sexual violence will not qualify for parole or be granted leniency in sentencing.

The amendments were developed over a year by a working group consisting of representatives of ministries and agencies, NGOs and international organizations, as well as civil society activists, including the activists of the Nemolchi.uz project.