On April 18, the Uzbek President signed a law that prescribes raising the discount on fines when paid promptly. The official decree, published in the “Xalq So’zi” (tr. — “People's Voice”) newspaper, is set to take effect from May 1, 2023.

The Administrative Liability Code introduces a new procedure: offenders who voluntarily remit 50% of their fine within 15 days, or 70% within 30 days from the penalty’s issuance date, will be relieved from settling the outstanding balance.

However, the streamlined fine payment process will not be applicable to offences under Articles 131 (Driving under the influence), 132 (Operating small vessels while intoxicated), 136 (Refusal to undergo intoxication tests) and 140 (Permitting intoxicated or unlicensed drivers to operate vehicles).

Moreover, the expedited payment procedure is inapplicable in instances of appealing or protesting a fine decision, as well as for repeat offenders of the same violation within a one-year period following the imposition of an administrative penalty.

The newly enacted legislation aims to alleviate the financial burden of fines, streamline voluntary fine payments, and guarantee prompt execution of judicial actions.

It is worth mentioning that, under the current provision, offenders can be absolved of the remaining fine balance if they voluntarily pay 70% of the amount within 15 days from the penalty imposition date.