A number of imported construction materials in Uzbekistan will receive customs duty exemptions until January 1, 2025, following a decree signed by President Shavkat Mirziyoyev on April 13, the Ministry of Justice reported.

The zero rate for import will cover cement, which formerly had a 30% rate, as well as chipboard, plywood, concrete formwork, energy-efficient basalt coatings, and glass, each of which had a 10% rate. Lumber, however, already enjoyed a 0% rate before this change.

List of construction materials and raw materials, for the import of which zero rate of customs duty shall be applied until January 1, 2025

HS classification code
Portland cement, alumina cement, slag cement, supersulfate cement and similar hydraulic cements, unpainted or colored, prepared or in the form of clinkers
4407 19 98 00
Particle boards
4410 11 10 00
4411 13 90 00
Plywood, veneered panels and similar laminated wood
4412 39 00 00
Formwork for concreting
4418 40 00 00
Energy saving basalt coatings
6806 10 00 08
Thermally polished glass and ground or polished glass
7005 29 25 00
7005 29 35 00
7005 29 80 00

Earlier, the President announced that this measure was aimed to reduce the cost of housing construction. According to him, the extension of the customs duty exemption for high grade cement for another year (the exemption was first introduced in 2021) will reduce the cost of housing construction by 5%.

As we wrote, since May 1 people with insufficient official income will also be given a mortgage loan. Citizens who paid a higher down payment will be able to get a cheaper loan from a bank. The term of the interest subsidy will be reduced from 12 to 4 months.