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EU vows not to impose sanctions against Central Asia
5 June 2023, 22:23

EU vows not to impose sanctions against Central Asia

The European Union (EU) will not sanction Central Asian countries for bypassing its restrictions on Russia, European Council President Charles Michel told the leaders of the five nations. He said the sanctions would only target those “who support the Russian military machine.”

EU and AFD to support Uzbekistan’s green transition by 2030
21 May 2023, 19:59

EU and AFD to support Uzbekistan’s green transition by 2030

The EU, the AFD and the government of Uzbekistan signed an agreement to support and finance the country’s strategy for transition to a green economy by 2030.

EU may sanction Uzbek firms for aiding Russia to circumvent sanctions
10 May 2023, 15:30

EU may sanction Uzbek firms for aiding Russia to circumvent sanctions

The European Union is considering new sanctions over Russia’s war in Ukraine. According to Reuters sources, the sanctions may target companies from China, Iran, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan that help Russia circumvent sanctions already imposed.

“We are grateful Uzbekistan is against having its territory used to circumvent the sanctions” — EU Special Envoy
28 April 2023, 19:51

“We are grateful Uzbekistan is against having its territory used to circumvent the sanctions” — EU Special Envoy

EU’s Special Envoy for Sanctions visited Uzbekistan to discuss concerns regarding the potential circumvention of sanctions against Russia. He urged Uzbekistan to strengthen control measures on the movement of specific EU-made products.

“A healthy civil society is vital to make the system work better” — EU Special Representative
19 April 2023, 00:34

“A healthy civil society is vital to make the system work better” — EU Special Representative

EU Special Representative for Human Rights, Eamon Gilmore, visits Uzbekistan for the first time, meeting ministers of justice, interior, and Prosecutor General, as well as the President. “Gazeta.uz asked him about the purpose of the visit and how he assesses the human rights situation in Uzbekistan.

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