21 November, thursday


Alisher Sultanov elected President of National Olympic Committee 

New management team of the National Olympic Committee of Uzbekistan was elected.

Judo Grand Prix to be held in Tashkent 

Tashkent will host international judo tournament for the fourth time.

Gallery: Synchronized swimming tournament held in Tashkent 

Synchro swimmers from Uzbekistan successfully participated in international tournament Suv Parisi (Mermaid).

Tashkent Open: first qualification round’s results 

Uzbekistan’s tennis players held opening matches within the framework of Tashkent Open championship.

Tashkent Open to host 40 tennis players from 20 countries 

More than 40 tennis players will take part in Tashkent Open international tournament.

Gallery: Members of Paralympic team awarded with cars 

All 32 members of Uzbekistan Paralympic team received keys from Chevrolet Malibu cars.

Gallery: Paralympic team returns to Uzbekistan 

Uzbekistan Paralympic team returned to Tashkent from Rio-de-Janeiro on Wednesday morning.

Paralympians to tour Tashkent on double-deckers (photos) 

National Paralympic team of Uzbekistan will tour Tashkent on double-deckers after arrival from Rio.

Vice prime minister to head Fencing Federation 

Deputy prime minister Adham Ikramov becomes head of Uzbekistan Fencing Federation.