On April 8, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev met with young people at a cyber sports arena in Jizzakh, as reported by the press service of the head of state.

The arena, which opened in December 2023 on the site of a former tennis court, was built at a cost of 30 billion soums. It features a main hall with a capacity for 1,200 spectators, along with 12 educational and training rooms, a conference hall, a 35-seat dormitory, and a cafeteria.

The arena is also capable of hosting international competitions in boxing, wrestling, basketball, table tennis, chess, checkers, and events under the Five Initiatives.

Additionally, the complex houses an IT academy where 500 young individuals can annually pursue computer skills, foreign languages, graphic design, robotics, and other fields. There are plans to implement the “Heirs of Muhammad al-Khwarizmi” system to train specialists in this domain.

During his visit, the head of state observed competitions in cyber sports, chess, the intellectual game “Zakovat”, and basketball, and engaged in discussions with young people.

“Today we visited many places in Jizzakh, started new projects. Of course, the economy of the region, the scale of construction has grown significantly. But the main achievement lies in the aspiration of our youth, their activity and self-confidence. It is with such young people that we will realize our Strategy and accomplish the big goals we have set for ourselves,” Shavkat Mirzoyoyev noted.

In the future, the arena plans to hold “friendship tournaments” with the winners of various competitions to participate in world championships.