Experts from the Needs Assessment Mission (NAM) of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE/ODIHR) have arrived in Uzbekistan, reported the Central Election Commission’s (CEC) press service.

Uzbekistan will hold parliamentary elections in 2024. Ahead of the elections, decisions will be made regarding the necessity, form, timing, and number of election observers.

During their visit, NAM experts will meet with representatives from various ministries, political parties, media outlets, and civil society organizations.

ODIHR senior election adviser Keara Castaldo and election adviser Kakha Inaishvili met with CEC chairperson Zayniddin Nizomkhojayev on Tuesday, 28 May.

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During the meeting, the parties discussed incorporating OSCE/ODIHR mission recommendations into national election legislation and practices based on election observation results.

The experts were briefed on procedural changes in the formation of the lower house of parliament and the electoral system. Uzbekistan is establishing a centralized electoral body system, and elections to the lower house of parliament will be held using a mixed electoral system.

“The experts of the Needs Assessment Mission expressed their appreciation for the coordinated organization in analyzing the final ODIHR mission reports to observe the 2023 referendum and early presidential elections, and for the development of measures to implement ODIHR recommendations in the electoral legislation and practice,” the statement said.

They also expressed support for Uzbekistan’s efforts to improve election procedures in line with international democratic standards.