In the first quarter of 2024, courts of Uzbekistan held 4,477 individuals accountable under domestic violence statutes, as reported by Supreme Court press secretary Aziz Abidov.

Of these cases, 4,343 were prosecuted under Article 59−2 of the Administrative Liability Code (ALC) for family (domestic) violence. Among them, 2,344 received fines while 1,999 faced administrative arrest.

134 individuals were convicted for instances of repeated or aggravated family (domestic) violence under Article 126−1 of the Criminal Code (CC). Among them, 51 received incarceration sentences while 83 were given non-custodial sentences.

Under Article 59−2 of ALC, fines can reach up to 20 basic calculation values (BCV), or individuals may face administrative arrest for up to 15 days. Meanwhile, Article 126−1 of CC carries penalties of up to 12 years imprisonment.

The previous year saw 9,131 individuals held accountable under similar articles.

During the same period in 2024, in Uzbekistan, 318 individuals were convicted of sexual harassment under Article 41−1 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility. Among them, 97 received fines while 221 faced administrative arrest, the message read.

Since its implementation in April 2023, the total number of convictions under this article has reached 984, with 666 occurring in 2023.

The penalty for sexual harassment entails a fine ranging from two to five BCVs or administrative detention for up to five days. For repeat offenses within a year, the penalty increases to a fine of five to seven BCVs or administrative detention for up to 15 days.

40 individuals were convicted in the span of three months under Article 141−3 of the CC, titled “Disclosure of Information that Infringes on the Honor and Dignity of a Person and Reflects Intimate Aspects of a Person’s Life” (unofficial translated). Among them, 13 received prison sentences while 27 were subject to non-custodial penalties. In the preceding year, 48 individuals were convicted under this article.

This offense carries penalties ranging from a fine of 400 to 600 BCVs, compulsory community service lasting up to 360 hours, or correctional work lasting up to three years. If the same actions are committed repeatedly, by a dangerous recidivist, through prior conspiracy by a group of individuals, or against a victim known to be under 18 years of age, the penalties escalate to compulsory community service lasting from 360 to 480 hours, restriction of liberty lasting from one to three years, or incarceration for up to three years.

The development of these amendments involved a collaborative effort among representatives from ministries, agencies, non-governmental and international organizations, as well as civil society activists, including participants from the project, spanning a year.

The amendments mentioned above, enacted last April, expand the scope of administrative and criminal liability for domestic violence, while reclassifying harassment as a legal offense. Moreover, the sentences for offenses against sexual freedom and the inviolability of children have been heightened.