In 2023, 666 individuals found guilty of sexual harassment in Uzbekistan under the new Article 41−1 of the Administrative of Administrative Responsibility. The data comes from the press-secretary of the Supreme Court, Aziz Abidov.

Out of this number, 433 people were placed under administrative detention and 233 individuals paid the fines.

Per Article 41−1 that has been introduced past year, the penalty for sexual harassment amounts from two to five basic calculation values (BCV) or administrative detention up to five days. Repeated violation within the year would translate from five to seven BCVs or 15 days of administrative detention.

48 people received penalties, based on the other article in the law — 141−3 Criminal Code “Disclosure of information infringing on the honor and dignity of a person and reflecting intimate aspects of a person’s life” (unofficial translation) (amended in April).

Seven out of them were sentenced to incarceration, while 41 received non-custodial penalties. This might mean a fine amounting from 400 to 600 BCVs or compulsory community service up to 360 hours or correctional labor up to 3 years.

Administrative of Administrative Responsibility of Uzbekistan defines sexual harassment as “committing against a person a single rude or repeated, undesirable for them and humiliating their honor and dignity actions of a sexual nature, expressed in the description of their appearance or physique, gesticulation, touching, calling, having a sexual tendency” (unofficial translation).