Law enforcement officers in Tashkent have intensified surveillance to ensure citizen safety, according to a statement from the capital city’s Main Department of Internal Affairs (MDIA).

Officers have implemented heightened security measures in shopping centers, parks, markets, and other public areas.

Photos released by the MDIA depict Special Mobile Force Division (SMFD, unofficial translation) officers armed with automatic rifles next to specialized vehicles, while police officers equipped with metal detectors are seen inspecting visitors' bags at park entrances.

The National Guard’s press service shared that, aiming to ensure public safety and considering the month of Ramadan, officers have been placed on heightened alert in all mosques during prayer times and at locations of mass gatherings, including large shopping malls, markets, cinemas, parks, and streets.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) recalled the past instances of violence, such as the terrorist attack in Tashkent on February 16, 1999, terrorist threats in the Sariasi district in August 2000, and the bloodshed in Andijan, which are marked by “painful memories for our people”.

“Similar situations have occurred many times in other developed countries around the world, with some still experiencing ongoing war. As a result, numerous innocent people are killed. Humanity is deeply saddened by the presence of young children among them,” the statement read.

The ministry urges everyone to unite and raise awareness to “protect themselves from such bloodshed and terrible events, for the sake of the peace of our country, city, mahalla.”

“Therefore, it is important to remain vigilant in public spaces and promptly report any suspicious individuals to law enforcement agencies. Additionally, any unattended objects should be reported immediately by calling 102,” MIA pointed out.

On March 22, several armed men broke into the Crocus City Hall concert venue in the Moscow area, opening fire against people, setting the building ablaze and completely burning it down. The terrorist attack resulted in the loss of 143 lives and left over 360 injured, according to the latest reports. Eleven people were detained on suspicion of involvement in the attack.

Following the terrorist attack in Russia, law enforcement agencies in Kazakhstan initiated inspections of all large shopping malls, concert halls, and other venues hosting mass gatherings.