On February 26, the Tashkent City Criminal Court mandated compensation from several defendants in the Doc-1 Max syrup case to the families of deceased and injured children, as reported by a Gazeta.uz correspondent.

The individuals held responsible, including the former director of Quramax Medikal, Indian citizen Singh Raghvendra Pratar (sentenced to 20 years in jail), Quramax registration manager Nuriya Mirzaahmedova (sentenced to 10 years in jail, suspended with three years of probation), former director of the Agency for Development of the Pharmaceutical Industry (UzPharmAgency) and the State Center for Expertise and Standardization of Medicines, Medical Devices and Medical Equipment Sardor Kariyev (sentenced to 18 years in jail), his deputies Amirkhon Azimov and Nodirbek Musayev (each sentenced to 16 years in jail), deputy head of the registration department of the center Shoyusuf Shodmonov (sentenced to 16 years and six months in jail) and chief specialist Jakhongir Erkiniy (sentenced to five years in jail), are ordered to jointly pay compensation for moral damages to the families of deceased and injured children affected by the medications Doc-1 Max and Ambronol as follows:

  • one billion soums (approximately $80,000, according to CBU on February 26) each to 68 families of deceased children and four families with children facing serious health conditions;
  • 500 million soums (approximately $40,000) each to four families with injured children in a satisfactory state of health;
  • 200 million soums (approximately $16,000) each to eight families with previously injured children who have now recovered.

The imposed financial compensations exceed the prosecutor’s request. The state prosecutor initially sought to recover 100 million soums (approximately $8,000) each from the defendants for the families of 68 deceased children and 16 children facing severe health conditions (totaling 8.4 billion soums, or approximately $672,500), along with an additional 20 million soums (approximately $1,600) for two children with minor injuries.

For victims to claim material damages, they must apply to the civil court.

Shoyusuf Shodmonov is ordered to reimburse the state with the bribe amount from Quramax to officials, totaling 881.8 million soums (approximately $70,600). Additionally, Azimov and Musayev are ordered to repay 93.8 million soums. Jointly, Singh Raghvendra Pratar, Bakhtiyor Kabaraliyev (sentenced to four years and three months in jail) and Elyor Mirzaahmedov (sentenced to four years in jail) are instructed to reimburse the state with 5.42 billion soums (approximately $434,000) in tax arrears.

The Tashkent City Criminal Court has been deliberating a criminal case since August 2023 related to the deaths of at least 69 children in Uzbekistan due to medications from the Indian pharmaceutical company Marion Biotech, including cough syrup Doc-1 Max. The defendants include 23 individuals, comprising 18 men and five women.