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Vladimir Putin to make state visit to Uzbekistan
21 May 2024, 14:53

Vladimir Putin to make state visit to Uzbekistan

President of Uzbekistan and president of Russia held a telephone conversation. They discussed the preparation for Vladimir Putin’s state visit to the country.

President of Uzbekistan to attend Victory Day parade in Moscow
7 May 2024, 19:37

President of Uzbekistan to attend Victory Day parade in Moscow

President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev will participate in the ceremonies commemorating the 79th anniversary of Victory in World War II, during his visit to Russia on 8−9 May. Additionally, he will attend a meeting of the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council as head of the observer state.

Remittances to Uzbekistan increase, Russia’s share decreases, says Central Bank
25 April 2024, 18:46

Remittances to Uzbekistan increase, Russia’s share decreases, says Central Bank

In the first quarter of 2024, the volume of remittances to Uzbekistan increased, as reported by Central Bank chairperson Mamarizo Nurmuratov during a press conference on April 25.

Children left without parental care in Russia repatriated to Uzbekistan
16 April 2024, 13:11

Children left without parental care in Russia repatriated to Uzbekistan

17 Uzbekistani minors, deprived of parental care and in need of assistance, have been returned from Russia to Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan asks citizens in Russia to avoid unnecessary visits to crowded areas
27 March 2024, 13:00

Uzbekistan asks citizens in Russia to avoid unnecessary visits to crowded areas

Agency for External Labor Migration has recommended Uzbekistan citizens residing in Russia to constantly carry their documents with them and to avoid unnecessary visits to crowded places. The agency noted there is no urgent need to return home.

Uzbekistan condemns terrorist attack in Moscow
23 March 2024, 01:02

Uzbekistan condemns terrorist attack in Moscow

President Mirziyoyev extended condolences to President Putin over the terrorist attack in the Moscow area. MFA of Uzbekistan “calls for unanimous rejection of violence against innocent citizens”. Uzbekistan Embassy in Moscow has not received any reports on injuries of Uzbekistan citizens yet.

President of Uzbekistan congratulates Vladimir Putin on victory in presidential elections
18 March 2024, 10:46

President of Uzbekistan congratulates Vladimir Putin on victory in presidential elections

President Mirziyoyev congratulated Russian President Putin on his “convincing victory” in the presidential election. The message notes the high turnout and voting results “once again clearly showed the unwavering trust and strong support of the population” for Putin’s political course and program.

U.S. sanctions companies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan
26 February 2024, 20:32

U.S. sanctions companies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

The U.S. Department of the Treasury imposed sanctions against several companies from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan for supplying goods to Russia evading restrictions.

Statement of Journalism University rector causes reaction from Russian MFA
14 February 2024, 15:14

Statement of Journalism University rector causes reaction from Russian MFA

Journalism University Rector Sherzodkhon Qudratkhoja said Uzbekistan residents who do not know Uzbek language should decide if they are “occupants” or “idiots”. He replied to criticism from Russian politicians. Russian state agency ceased ties with him. Russia’s MFA summoned Uzbekistan’s ambassador.

Uzbekistan increases trade with China and Russia, decreases with neighbors in 2023
9 February 2024, 14:02

Uzbekistan increases trade with China and Russia, decreases with neighbors in 2023

China replaced Russia as Uzbekistan’s primary trading partner in 2023. Trade with both countries increased, with growing imports to Uzbekistan and decreasing exports. At the same time, trade with neighboring Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan declined.

World Bank: remittances from Russia to Uzbekistan gradually decrease
22 December 2023, 12:05

World Bank: remittances from Russia to Uzbekistan gradually decrease

According to the World Bank estimates, the volume of remittances from Russia to Uzbekistan is gradually decreasing. The number of Uzbekistani labor migrants in the Russian Federation decreases, the exchange rate of the Uzbek soum against the ruble strengthens and inflation in Russia is on the rise.

‘Prilepin's opinion does not even remotely reflect official position of Russian Federation,' Russian MFA claims
21 December 2023, 21:16

‘Prilepin's opinion does not even remotely reflect official position of Russian Federation,' Russian MFA claims

Russian MFA spokeswoman Maria Zakharova stated that Zakhar Prilepin’s words on Uzbekistan’s annex to Russia “do not even remotely reflect the official position of the Russian Federation.” Earlier, Russian Ambassador to Uzbekistan Oleg Malginov expressed the same perspective.

MFA of Uzbekistan summons Russian ambassador on Prilepin’s commentary on country’s annexation to Russia
21 December 2023, 18:54

MFA of Uzbekistan summons Russian ambassador on Prilepin’s commentary on country’s annexation to Russia

MFA of Uzbekistan invited Russian Ambassador Oleg Malginov on the proposal of Zakhar Prilepin, co-chairman of “A Just Russia — For Truth” party, on the annexation of the republic to the Russian Federation and claimed it to be deliberately provocative, negatively affecting the bilateral relations.

Russia wants to increase oil supplies to Uzbekistan
16 December 2023, 16:33

Russia wants to increase oil supplies to Uzbekistan

Russia is working on the possibility of increasing exports of oil and oil products to Uzbekistan, Russia’s Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov shared. According to him, the results of geological exploration in the republic forecast the discovery of gas fields.

Russia’s MIA suggests imposing new restrictions on illegal migrants
28 November 2023, 17:37

Russia’s MIA suggests imposing new restrictions on illegal migrants

Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs proposed to introduce a controlled stay regime for illegal migrants, along with a number of bans and restrictions. Those appearing in the register will not be able to drive, transfer money or get married.

EU Sanctions Envoy is to visit Uzbekistan on November 29−30
24 November 2023, 14:54

EU Sanctions Envoy is to visit Uzbekistan on November 29−30

EU Sanctions Envoy David O’Sullivan will visit Uzbekistan on November 29−30. This would be his second trip to Tashkent in the last seven months.

Uzbekistan and Russia intend to develop cooperation in railway transportation
20 November 2023, 18:47

Uzbekistan and Russia intend to develop cooperation in railway transportation

The transport agencies of Uzbekistan and Russia signed a memorandum. It covered the exchange of information on traffic safety violations and railway transport operation, as well as digitalization and introduction of modern technologies.

Uzbekistani deputies respond to remarks by Deputy Head of Russia’s State Duma on migrants and Russian speaking schools
16 November 2023, 14:57

Uzbekistani deputies respond to remarks by Deputy Head of Russia’s State Duma on migrants and Russian speaking schools

The deputy head of Russia’s State Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy, suggested restricting employment in Russia of citizens from countries where Russian is a non-state-language, and building Russian-language schools in Uzbekistan using migrants' money. Uzbek deputies Bobur Bekmurodov and Alisher Kadirov retorted.

Energy Minister claims Uzbekistan has no long-term plans on 'giving up on gas'
7 November 2023, 17:51

Energy Minister claims Uzbekistan has no long-term plans on 'giving up on gas'

Despite plans to increase the share of solar, wind and hydropower in electricity generation, Uzbekistan “will not give up gas,” Minister of Energy Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov declared. He said the country is aiming to almost double gas-fueled power generation.

Uzbekistan imports about 300 million cubic meters of gas from Russia
5 November 2023, 15:21

Uzbekistan imports about 300 million cubic meters of gas from Russia

Since October 7, Uzbekistan has imported about 300 million cubic meters of gas from Russia under a contract with Gazprom, Energy Minister Jurabek Mirzamakhmudov said. He again refused to reveal the price of imported “blue fuel.”

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