On December 21, MFA of Uzbekistan invited Russian Ambassador Oleg Malginov, MFA’s press service stated.

During the meeting, we conveyed our deep concern to the Russian representative in a persistent manner regarding Zakhar Prilepin’s statement proposing the annexation of Uzbekistan’s territory to Russia. Prilepin, the co-chairman of the party “A Just Russia — For Truth,” expressed this assertion at a conference held at the “Russia Today” press center," the message reads.

MFA asserted that hasty statements from party leaders in the friendly country of the Russian Federation do not align with the spirit of the comprehensive strategic partnership and alliance between Uzbekistan and Russia.

“Having been widely disseminated in the Russian media in the meantime, such statements are deliberately provocative and may negatively affect the established historically friendly relations between our peoples,” the MFA emphasized.

In turn, Oleg Malginov “with all due responsibility” claimed that Zakhar Prilepin’s statements share nothing even remotely in common with the official position of the leadership of the Russian Federation “with regard to friendly and independent Uzbekistan.”

The ambassador outlined that “in his country the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Uzbekistan have never been questioned.”

Oleg Malginov also noted that Russia’s MFA plans to comment on the incident in the near future.

As a reminder, Zakhar Prilepin proposed to annex Uzbekistan and other territories of the former USSR to Russia.

“In fact, I stand sincerely for the idea that these territories, from where gastarbeiters („guest workers“) come to us, should be simply annexed in their entirety and to teach them the Russian language on the spot. Not to teach them here, but there, in Uzbekistan, let’s say. I’m serious, I’m not joking, I’m not fooling around,” Prilepin commented.

He also said he would continue to promote the agenda of “disavowing the documentation on the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

“This will allow us to say at any moment: ‘Since two million of your citizens are on our territory, we claim your territory.' Because the majority of yours are here, they’ve already even voted for it.' Well, or some other form can be invented. Who will forbid us after the parade in Kyiv to do anything useful on the territory of the Eurasian territory? Nobody,” the politician added.

Parliamentarians of Uzbeksitan asked the MFA to send a note and warned of criminal liability for encroachment on the constitutional order of Uzbekistan.