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Uzbekistan to participate in PISA study once again with support from World Bank
30 April 2024, 18:31

Uzbekistan to participate in PISA study once again with support from World Bank

Uzbekistan will partake in PISA for the second time, with World Bank’s support. Pilot testing for PISA-2025 is scheduled for May this year, and education specialists are currently familiarizing themselves with the methodology.

Uzbekistan’s minister of digital technologies comments on Internet connectivity and computer accessibility in schools
13 March 2024, 17:21

Uzbekistan’s minister of digital technologies comments on Internet connectivity and computer accessibility in schools

Nearly all schools across Uzbekistan are equipped with fiber-optic and radio-relay lines for Internet connectivity. However, the provision of computers hinges on budget allocations, Minister of Digital Technologies Sherzod Shermatov stated.

Schools in Uzbekistan will teach business, vocational education and second foreign language
6 February 2024, 14:22

Schools in Uzbekistan will teach business, vocational education and second foreign language

Starting from the 2024/2025 academic year, experimental educational programs will be introduced. They will focus on advanced learning of exact, natural sciences or a second foreign language, as well as business and vocational training for junior and senior years of high schools.

President directs prime minister to sign year-long contracts with social sphere ministers and set KPIs
5 February 2024, 11:24

President directs prime minister to sign year-long contracts with social sphere ministers and set KPIs

President of Uzbekistan has directed the prime minister to establish year-long contracts with ministers in the social spheres, as well as their deputies and deputy hokims and set KPIs for them. He criticized the state of affairs in healthcare, education and science.

Uzbekistani deputies respond to remarks by Deputy Head of Russia’s State Duma on migrants and Russian speaking schools
16 November 2023, 14:57

Uzbekistani deputies respond to remarks by Deputy Head of Russia’s State Duma on migrants and Russian speaking schools

The deputy head of Russia’s State Duma, Pyotr Tolstoy, suggested restricting employment in Russia of citizens from countries where Russian is a non-state-language, and building Russian-language schools in Uzbekistan using migrants' money. Uzbek deputies Bobur Bekmurodov and Alisher Kadirov retorted.

Uzbekistan and Italy sign partnership agreements
10 November 2023, 15:42

Uzbekistan and Italy sign partnership agreements

Uzbekistan and Italy signed cooperation agreements in education, science, technology and innovation, and sports.

Uzbekistan and Italy to hold first roundtable discussion on strategic dialogue in 2024
10 November 2023, 14:48

Uzbekistan and Italy to hold first roundtable discussion on strategic dialogue in 2024

The presidents of Uzbekistan and Italy held negotiations. Heads of states introduced proposals on developing a trade facilitation program, establishing a Forum of Regions of the two countries and holding its first meeting in Samarkand next year, as well as organizing a joint educational forum.

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