Class of 2028

A number of high school students from Uzbekistan received acceptance letters from Ivy League universities, such as Brown, Harvard, Princeton, as well as Vanderbilt University and New York University (NYU) in the 2023−2024 application cycle.

Abdulaziz (Harvard University)

Abdulaziz Sobirov, 17, was admitted to Harvard University with a scholarship worth $366,000. He intends to pursue his undergraduate studies in Mechanical Engineering. Originally from Khiva, he is presently a high school senior at Presidential School (PS) in Tashkent following the A-level curriculum.

“As I was reading your application, I began to appreciate your intellectual drive and commitment to science and math competitions, love of robotics and engineering, and your [engineering projects] that may help [those in need]. Clearly you are always on the outlook for ways to improve the lives of others through innovation,” said the email that Abdulaziz received from his application reader and shared with

Abdulaziz noted his participation in Zakovat, a national quiz bowl in Uzbekistan.

Team “Et cetera” at Zakovat quiz bowl Students League. Abdulaziz Sobirov is the second from the left. October 2023. Photo: PIIMATeam “Et cetera” at Zakovat quiz bowl Students League. Abdulaziz Sobirov is the second from the left. October 2023. Photo: PIIMA

“With my team, we won three Students League seasons in a row, and were champions of the 2022−2023 Zakovat Students' League. We also got the first place in the PIIMA (Agency for the Development of the Presidential, Creativity and Specialized Schools under the Cabinet of Ministers of Uzbekistan — Zakovat regional stage, and second place in the national stage. Beyond that, I have participated in many regional, national and international science and math olympiads, interned at an international engineering company, and worked with a PhD robotics professor,” he commented.

Earlier, Abdulaziz has given an interview (video) to Farangiz Murodiy, extensively covering his college admissions journey.

Alloma (Brown University)

Allomakhon Fayzullaeva, 18, received an acceptance from Brown University with a scholarship worth $376,000. She intends to pursue her undergraduate studies in Political Science and Gender Studies.

In May 2023, Allomakhon graduated from the Academic Lyceum under the University of World Economy and Diplomacy, in a group with a concentration in exact sciences and German language. Following her interest in German language, she won the PASCH-Youth Courses scholarship by Goethe-Institut to attend a language learning summer camp in Benediktbeuern, Bavaria, Germany in 2022. At the lyceum, she was awarded dean’s scholarship for academic accomplishments, Allomakhon shared with Earlier, until the ninth grade, she studied in a public school No. 178 in Tashkent.

“I spent the summer after graduation working on improving my SAT score, researching colleges, and improving my application essays. Because I did not study in a school that offered IB/AP/A-levels or any other internationally recognized program, I decided to take online college courses on Coursera to continue growing academically. During my gap year, I was also working as a private IELTS tutor,” Allomakhon commented.

“In the future, I hope to use my educational background in political science and gender studies to improve gender equality in Uzbekistan, focusing on increasing female leadership and political participation,” she concluded.

Asad (Vanderbilt University)

Asad Abdrshin, 18, got admitted to Vanderbilt University with a scholarship worth $384,000. There, he is intending to delve into Mathematics throughout his undergraduate studies.

Asad is an alumnus of United World College Red Cross Nordic (UWC RCN), an international high school in Norway, where he pursued the IB Diploma Programme (IB DP).

“Being a high-school student from Tashkent, the pivotal moment for me was the selection to the UWC program. The UWC experience has transformed me, having helped to grow academically, spiritually, culturally, and generally as a person. Embarking on my journey in the US, I aspire to bring all the knowledge I had a great chance to acquire in the international environment the UWC has surrounded me with. In the future, I aspire to contribute to the betterment of humanity through applying mathematics in various fields of the ever-changing modern world,” Asad shared with

Husniddin (NYU Liberal Studies)

Husniddin Qironov, 19, got admitted to the main campus of New York University, Liberal Studies school, where he is intending to major in Global Liberal Studies program during the undergraduate years.

Husniddin is an alumnus of Target International School, a private school in Tashkent, where he pursued Uzbekistan’s national educational curriculum.

Sayfullo (Princeton University)

Sayfullo Saidov, 17, was accepted to Princeton University with a $357,000 scholarship. Sayfullo intends to pursue his undergraduate studies in Chemical and Biological Engineering. Throughout his admissions preparation, Sayfullo was guided by Freshman Academy, a college admissions consulting agency. earlier published an interview with Freshman’s founder Valera Arakelyan.

A current high school senior at PS in Tashkent is originally from Bukhara, although he spent a considerable amount of time living in Japan with his family.

Salim (NYU Tandon)

Salim Abdusamatov, 17, received an acceptance letter from the main campus of New York University, Tandon School of Engineering where he intends to pursue his undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering. Throughout his college application process, Salim was also guided by Freshman Academy.

Salim is a current high school senior at Cambridge International College in Tashkent following the A-Level curriculum.

Class of 2027

Last year, high school students from Uzbekistan also received offers to pursue their undergraduate studies in some of the highly selective universities in the United States.

Gulrukh (University of Pennsylvania)

Gulrukh Sodikova, 18, a PS in Tashkent alumna, got admitted to the University of Pennsylvania with a full-ride scholarship. She is currently pursuing her interest in Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) as a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences, intending to continue her graduate studies at a law school.

Team “Et cetera” at Zakovat Students League, May 2023. Gulkrukh Sodikova is the third from the left. Photo: Virtual 207 Telegram channel.Team “Et cetera” at Zakovat Students League, May 2023. Gulkrukh Sodikova is the third from the left. Photo: Virtual 207 Telegram channel.

Besides PS alumni, students from public schools and lyceums paved their ways to the renowned higher educational institutions in the United States as well.

Farangiz (Stanford University)

Farangiz Murodiy, 21, got accepted to Stanford University with a full-ride scholarship covering her tuition, food, housing, and flight tickets to the US. An incoming sophomore intends to major in Symbolic Systems, concentrating in Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence.

“My favorite thing about Stanford is its people. In Stanford, your classmates are the best in their field coming from all around the world: olympiad winners, celebrities, start-upers and passionate people who are leading a change in the world. Outside of Stanford, I like how close it is to Silicon Valley, which is the most entrepreneurial place in the world, where Google, Apple, Microsoft headquarters are located. Because of this, I was able to meet inspiring people like the founders of OpenAI, Khan Academy, Coursera, and NVIDIA,” Farangiz shared with

Farangiz is one of the members pioneering a Central Asian Student Association at Stanford. Following the university acceptance, she joined multiple student associations on campus, where she observed the rigorous selection procedures for membership.

From left to right: current MBA student at Golden Gate University Hikmatullo Umarhojiyev, director of the Research Institute for the Development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence under the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan Anvarkhodja Kadyrov, Farangiz Murodiy, and deputy head of the IT Investment Project Office at Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan Farrukh Abduvakhidov. Photo: Personal archive.From left to right: current MBA student at Golden Gate University Hikmatullo Umarhojiyev, director of the Research Institute for the Development of Digital Technologies and Artificial Intelligence under the Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan Anvarkhodja Kadyrov, Farangiz Murodiy, and deputy head of the IT Investment Project Office at Ministry of Digital Technologies of Uzbekistan Farrukh Abduvakhidov. Photo: Personal archive.

Khosilmurod (Yale University)

Khosilmurod Abdukholikov, 20, received a college admission offer from Yale University with a full-ride scholarship. There, Khosilmurod pursues his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Philosophy, as well as learning German as a foreign language. He was guided by Freshman Academy throughout his application process.

Coming from Bakhmal district of Jizzakh region, he attended public high school No. 60.

“Along with my studies at Yale, I’m hoping to contribute to the expanding educational opportunities for youth from villages with limited resources,” Khosilmurod told

Parizoda (Columbia University)

Parizoda Assatilloyeva, 18, an alumna of a public school in Samarkand, received her acceptance letter from Columbia University as a part of the John Jay Scholars Program.

She is currently pursuing her academic interest in Political Science as a freshman at the College of Arts and Sciences. Parizoda was guided by Freshman Academy throughout her application process.

Class of 2026

Earlier, more students from Uzbekistan were granted acceptances to Ivy League institutions as a part of the Class of 2026 cohort.

Feruza (Princeton University)

Feruza Mukhammadieva, 21, an alumna of school No. 32 in Kokand, was admitted with full-ride scholarships to Princeton University, New York University in Abu Dhabi (NYUAD), Georgetown University, and Carnegie Mellon University. She pursues a major in Computer Science with a minor in Machine Learning as a sophomore at Princeton University.

Among her extracurriculars on campus, Feruza is involved in Society of Women Engineers Princeton as a career development chairperson, Entrepreneurship Club as a speaker outreach, as the student shared with She also co-founded Princeton Central Asian Student Association.

Feruza Mukhammadieva. Photo: Personal archiveFeruza Mukhammadieva. Photo: Personal archive

Iroda (Dartmouth University)

Iroda Abdulazizova received an acceptance letter with a full-ride scholarship from Dartmouth University. As a current sophomore, Iroda pursues her undergraduate studies in Economics and Mathematics.

Iroda is a scholarship alumna of Tashkent International School (TIS), where she followed IB DP curriculum.

“Dartmouth is famous and distinguished from many other leading universities as professors here prioritize engaging with undergraduate students. Therefore, opportunities to work with them on research are relatively accessible. For example, during my freshman year, I worked as a research assistant in machine learning as part of my general interest in AI. Currently, my interests span a wide range of topics. Fortunately, Dartmouth’s liberal arts teaching model allows me the flexibility to explore various fields through courses. By the end of my sophomore year, I can declare my major. I am also actively involved in programs offered by the Dartmouth Irving Institute for Energy and Society, where I try to incorporate sustainability in my work. I participated in the Clean Energy Finance Bootcamp, the Electricity Grids and Markets Bootcamp, as well as Energy Hackathon. Observing the environmental situation in Uzbekistan, I hope for the increased public discourse in this matter and hope for more initiatives to emerge aimed at spreading public awareness and educating professionals in this field,” Iroda shared with

“Reflecting on my admissions journey, it started at a regular school in Tashkent. In the first place, I am grateful to my parents who encouraged me to dream without boundaries, believed in me more than I believed in myself, and instilled the value of education. I sincerely hope that more parents in Uzbekistan, especially those of girls, will nurture boundless support of their children’s ambitions,” she concluded.

Umid (Yale University)

Umid Usmanov, 21, an alumnus of public school No. 17 in Samarkand, was offered admission to Yale University with a full-ride scholarship during 2020−2021 application cycle. Umid was guided by Freshman Academy throughout his college application journey.

Following the first two years of his undergraduate studies, Umid received a scholarship from Yale to pursue the study of the Chinese language during his gap year at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. He will return to Yale campus in the upcoming fall to continue the last two years of studies, double majoring in Economics and Global Affairs.

“At Yale, I do research for a Professor at Yale School of Management and lead Asian Crossroads at Yale (ACY), the first student-led organization at Yale that fosters conversations around Central Asia. Beyond college, I mentor high school students in their U.S. college application journeys. Since joining the Freshman Academy team in 2020, we have collectively contributed to dozens of successful college admissions stories, including those leading to Ivy League schools,” Umid shared with

Class of 2011

Ulugbek (Stanford University)

Ulugbek Baymuradov, 37, is a graduate of Stanford University Class of 2011 with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Economics.

Ulugbek received a full-ride scholarship from Stanford and a financial award for his education from John Kent Cooke (JKC) Foundation as a JKC scholar. He was also elected as an International Officer (2007−2008) for the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.

He transferred to Stanford from Treasure Valley Community College with an Associate of Arts (AA) degree in Business Administration and Accounting. Ulugbek is also a Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) alumni (2002−2003). The Stanford alumnus is originally from Karshi, Kashkadarya region and is currently residing there.

“My current professional occupation is related to developing software products for startup companies innovating in the biotechnology field and research institutions working in the genomics field. Outside work, I like to sail and surf,” Ulugbek shared with

Ulugbek Baymuradov. Photo: Personal archiveUlugbek Baymuradov. Photo: Personal archive

All personal details mentioned are shared with the consent of the individuals involved. Some of the admitted students preferred not to be featured.