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Number of free economic zones to be increased
23 November 2016, 14:15

Number of free economic zones to be increased

New free economic zones are planned to be opened in Urgut, Gijduvan, Kokand and Khazarasp.

GM Uzbekistan launches production of Ravon R4 for CIS markets
23 November 2016, 14:08

GM Uzbekistan launches production of Ravon R4 for CIS markets

GM Uzbekistan’s plant in Asaka started production of Ravon R4 model for CIS markets.

Russian X5 Retail Group to buy fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan
15 November 2016, 11:01

Russian X5 Retail Group to buy fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan

X5 Retail Group, which runs supermarket chains in Russia, will buy fruits and vegetables in Uzbekistan.

Water supply to be improved in Tashkent region
11 November 2016, 22:13

Water supply to be improved in Tashkent region

ADB approved a USD 120 million loan to improve water supply in Kibray and Zangiota districts.

New power transmission line to be built in north-west Uzbekistan
11 November 2016, 10:15

New power transmission line to be built in north-west Uzbekistan

Construction of new high-voltage power transmission line started in the north-west Uzbekistan.

Tashkent apartment prices decrease 2% in October
8 November 2016, 13:33

Tashkent apartment prices decrease 2% in October

Average offer price on secondary housing market in Tashkent decreased by 2% in October.

Uzbekistan Airways receives second Dreamliner, three more planed (photos)
8 November 2016, 10:59

Uzbekistan Airways receives second Dreamliner, three more planed (photos)

Second Boeing 787−8 Dreamliner of National Air Company of Uzbekistan landed in Tashkent on Saturday morning.

New train to link Andijan and Urgench
8 November 2016, 10:43

New train to link Andijan and Urgench

New train route Andijan-Urgench will begin operating from 10 November.

Uzbekistan, Russia aim to solve labour migration issues
4 November 2016, 13:00

Uzbekistan, Russia aim to solve labour migration issues

Delegation of Ministry of Labour of Uzbekistan arrived in Russia to discuss issues of labour migration.

New private bank registered in Uzbekistan
2 November 2016, 16:57

New private bank registered in Uzbekistan

New private bank, Madad Invest Bank, has been registered in Uzbekistan.

Head of Uzbektelecom changes
2 November 2016, 10:50

Head of Uzbektelecom changes

Shuhrat Kadirov became new director-general of Uzbektelecom, national telecoms operator.

2,000 enterprises participate in 10th Industrial Fair in Tashkent
26 October 2016, 14:00

2,000 enterprises participate in 10th Industrial Fair in Tashkent

2,000 domestic producers are participating in the 10th International Industrial Fair and Cooperation Exchange.

Inflation rate makes up 2.2% in nine months of 2016
21 October 2016, 11:51

Inflation rate makes up 2.2% in nine months of 2016

Inflation rate in Uzbekistan in the first nine month made up 2.2%, according to official statistics.

GDP of Uzbekistan increases 7.8% in 9 months
14 October 2016, 10:15

GDP of Uzbekistan increases 7.8% in 9 months

In the first nine month of 2016, GDP of Uzbekistan increased by 7.8%, the government said.

Japanese businessmen to hold talks in Uzbekistan
10 October 2016, 12:22

Japanese businessmen to hold talks in Uzbekistan

Delegation of business people from Japan will consider investment climate and market potential of Uzbekistan.

New economic zone to open in Uzbekistan
7 October 2016, 10:33

New economic zone to open in Uzbekistan

New free economic zone will be launched in Urgut district of Samarkand region.

45 countries to participate in Tashkent cotton fair
5 October 2016, 08:51

45 countries to participate in Tashkent cotton fair

Around 2000 representatives from 45 countries will participate in annual Uzbek International Cotton and Textile Fair.

Uzbekistan to increase exports to Turkmenistan
27 September 2016, 20:31

Uzbekistan to increase exports to Turkmenistan

Uzbek-Turkmen joint commission on economic, scientific, technological and cultural cooperation held a session in Tashkent.

Number of internet users in Uzbekistan exceeds 13 million
23 September 2016, 16:57

Number of internet users in Uzbekistan exceeds 13 million

The number of internet users in Uzbekistan exceeded 13 million, while mobile subscribers have reached 20.8 million.

Kungrad soda plant doubles capacity
23 September 2016, 11:14

Kungrad soda plant doubles capacity

Second phase of Kungrad soda plant was launched into operation.

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