Uzbekistan citizens will once again have the opportunity to pursue seasonal work in the Republic of Korea, as announced by minister of employment and poverty reduction Behzod Musayev during discussions with Korean minister of justice Park Seong-jae in Seoul, according to the press service of the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction.

In 2021, South Korea resumed hiring citizens of Uzbekistan for seasonal work, but many of them violated the labor contract and did not return home within the designated period, prompting Korean authorities again to suspend E-8 visa (for seasonal work) for Uzbekistan citizens, the ministry shared with

The Ministry of Employment noted the challenging negotiations, but minister Behzod Musayev managed to reinstate the process. The Korean Ministry of Justice emphasized that if workers from Uzbekistan do not violate labor laws, do not engage in illegal activities, and do not leave their jobs without a reason, the Korean side expressed readiness “to open any type of work visa for our compatriots at the highest level”.

“In particular, Uzbekistanis can improve their qualifications by working in the field of agriculture and agro-technology, thus enriching their knowledge and skills in the same field and return to our country with more experience,” the report mentioned.

Additionally, Uzbekistan citizens possessing professional skills will have the opportunity to work in Korea.

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It was noted at the meeting that “exemplary activities of our compatriots, compliance with the laws of the Korean state will serve further development of cooperation between the two countries”.

Specialists are expected to provide each prospective temporary worker in Korea with information regarding labor and migration laws, culture, customs and traditions of the Republic of Korea.

Earlier, minister Behzod Musayev met with chairperson of the Korean Automotive Industry Association Kwak Jong-chol, and discussed employment opportunities for Uzbekistan citizens at South Korean automotive factories. Presently, 6,800 automobile enterprises in South Korea employ 48,000 individuals. However, there is a shortage of around 3,000 employees in the automotive industry.

The parties agreed to open applications for local candidates in the field of car maintenance as soon as possible.

In 2024, a total of 100,000 citizens of Uzbekistan will be able to participate in the competition for available jobs in South Korea, with more than 37,000 at the first stage.