Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan have agreed to install meters aimed at accurately measuring water consumption by both countries, as reported by the press service of Kazakhstan’s Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation.

The countries will exchange information regarding common water usage. Currently, discussions are underway to determine the locations for these water meters, with efforts being made to involve international organizations in the project.

Earlier, transboundary gauging stations named “Patar” and “Sarvak” were installed along the Northern and Great Fergana Canals on the border shared by Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. These gauging stations allow more accurate measurement of irrigation water consumption. Water consumption in the border area was previously measured, but with outdated equipment. Gauging stations received upgrades supported by the Swiss government’s Blue Peace Central Asia initiative.

In 2023, Kazakhstan expressed its intention to revise the agreement with Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan on the usage of water and energy resources coming from Syrdaryo river basin. Kazakhstan’s side highlighted the ecological degradation of the river caused by pollutants coming from Uzbekistan.