Prominent Uzbek activists, including bloggers and artists, organized a #TozaHavoKerak (#WeNeedCleanAir) flash mob in the heart of Tashkent on Friday. The event aimed to spotlight escalating environmental issues, specifically the deteriorating air quality, urging public and governmental awareness.

Eco-blogger Mutabar Khushvaktova (Urikguli), singer Konsta, stand-up comedian Mirshakar Fayzulloyev, bloggers Umid Gafurov (, Mirzayor Erkinov, YouTube podcast co-host Sarvinoz Tolibayeva, host of the Texnoplov YouTube project Sa‘dulla Abdullaev and others joined the event. inquired the participants about the purpose behind their actions.

Rapper Konsta used a quote from his song Havo (“Air”).Rapper Konsta used a quote from his song Havo (“Air”).

“The initiative aims to bring both public and governmental attention to environmental issues in Uzbekistan,” shared Mutabar Khushvaktova.

“I personally fear that the approach to solving this issue might be one-off rather than comprehensive. Our initiative strives to ensure the issue is fully resolved and receives thorough consideration,” stated the eco-activist.

“I anticipate the government proposing not just one-off measures but a detailed plan with concrete actions designed for the long term. I don’t want them to merely acknowledge the problem and provide short-term solutions. Instead, I’m urging a sustainable solution with a clear vision for the results in 10 or 20 years,” she emphasized.

“I maintain hope for a positive change in the situation, as people, activists and government are all concerned. If everyone unites and acknowledges the significance of this problem, the situation will naturally improve,” expressed Mutabar Khushvaktova with confidence.

Umid Gafurov.Umid Gafurov.

Umid Gafurov highlighted in an interview the objective of bringing the attention of the residents and government of Uzbekistan “to the most urgent, the most important problem today, which should be addressed first and foremost.”

The environment in Uzbekistan continues to deteriorate due to the problems with water resources and air pollution that “can be seen with the naked eye,” the blogger noted. “If measures are not taken now, it will be too late,” he asserted.

“The measure I anticipate is a comprehensive analysis of the current situation, involving international experts if necessary. A one-sided approach to solving the problem won’t suffice. we need a holistic set of measures leading to a respective decision,” Umid Gafurov commented.

“I desire a positive change in the situation; the entire nation of Uzbekistan is eagerly awaiting it,” he added.

Mirzayor Erkinov.Mirzayor Erkinov.

Mirzayor Erkinov shared in his Telegram channel that the flash mob participants wanted to encourage as many people in Uzbekistan as possible to not be indifferent regarding the ecological situation in the country and join the effort to enhance it.

“Every Uzbekistani should elevate their level of responsibility not only for themselves but also for those around them,” according to Erkinov.

He expressed expectations, stating, “We anticipate the responsible government agencies to have environmental issues on the agenda. We hope to see decisive measures being implemented, the issue of tree felling not being addressed merely through fines, construction sites being reduced and more robust laws being adopted to safeguard nature,” the activist outlined.

Sarvinoz Tolibayeva.Sarvinoz Tolibayeva.

Sa‘dulla Abdullaev.Sa‘dulla Abdullaev.Mirshakar Fayzulloyev.Mirshakar Fayzulloyev.air quality, ecology, flashmob, tashkent

Recalling the issues of tree felling, the widespread construction development of green areas and the deterioration of air quality, among others, journalists and activists have been bringing them up for many years. However, decisive measures from the authorities have been lacking. It was only recently that the authorities began signaling a dialogue with increased coverage of the poor air quality by private and state media, bloggers, and MPs.

The day before, the Ministry of Ecology, Environmental Protection, and Climate Change issued a statement identifying the main factors contributing to air pollution in Tashkent and proposing a list of measures to address the situation. While the public welcomed the statement, activists highlighted a concern that the proposed measures may be focused on achieving only short-term effects.