During a meeting on December 18, President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev brought up to discussion the convenience of bazaars for sellers, buyers and tourists.

It was noted that tourists do not spend much time at the markets. Inconveniences at entry and exit, and crowds at some markets cause dissatisfaction of residents and tourists.

In this regard, the president emphasized the importance of turning bazaars into places where tourists can spend days, turning them into a “postcards” of the country. Shavkat Mirziyoyev issued an order to develop a project for new, modern market areas that reflect the national culture of the country.

Atlas, a consulting company in the field of spatial development, shared earlier that bazaars in Uzbekistan could join the ranks of world markets representing mixed-use venues if they were to be modernized, preserving their uniqueness and special atmosphere.

At the meeting, trade in gold items was mentioned to be common abroad to attract tourists.

Although Uzbekistan has created sufficient conditions for this, very few gold items have been sold in the last two years, the press secretary of the head of state commented in a statement.

Therefore, the president marked the importance of creating modern jewelry establishments in each region in 2024. Equipment for jewelry stores and trading rows will be available for lease with the condition of payment in installments over seven years. A proposal has been put forth to organize “Uzbek Silk” international fashion week in Uzbekistan.

Number of hotels and guest houses is planned to be increased to effectively leverage tourism potential.

A decision was made to prepare master plans of historical and resort tourist sites, including Khanabad, Baisun, Bakhmal, Farish, Angren and Ahangaran. Additional funds will be allocated for infrastructure there. The task was set to repair the roads leading to these places given the budget of 200 billion soums. Trade and service points along them are set to be incorporated along the routes.

Furthermore, a decision on a $30 million allocation was made aimed at improvement of the infrastructure at the tourist sites. Among them are Omonkhona and Maydanak.