Shavkat Mirziyoyev, as the presidential candidate from the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan (“UzLiDeP”), met with voters in Nukus, the capital of Karakalpakstan, on June 12, according to a statement from the party.

In his speech, the candidate said: “I want to promise the following, standing before you. If God gives me life and health, each of my days will be spent only in service of my homeland, my great nation, the great Karakalpak people. I have always said, and would like to say today as well, that I am a son not only of Uzbekistan, I am also a son of Karakalpakstan. I always strive to be worthy of this”.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev said: “No one can dispute that we have implemented a very great work to meet the needs of every person, to elevate the dignity of the person to the level of great politics”.

He listed the achievements of recent years in the region: housing conditions of 51,000 families have been improved, the level of drinking water supply has reached 71%, 1.8 million hectares of forest plantations have been created on the dried bottom of the Aral Sea, coverage of kindergartens has increased from 28% to 81%, their number has increased from 317 to 1,600, 172 schools have been overhauled, in 104 of them additional buildings were built, due to which 118,000 new places for pupils were created. The number of higher educational institutions increased by 2 to 12, admission to universities increased 3,5 times, the coverage of graduates of schools with higher education — from 19% to 46%, the number of students is 58,000.

“Of course, we can talk a lot about what we have done, but the fairest judge who can assess our reforms is our people,” the candidate said.

Recall that Shavkat Mirziyoyev, speaking at a Youth Day event in Tashkent last June 30, said that he “respects and honours the generous people of Karakalpakstan, who bravely overcome difficulties”. “I say with love and pride that I am a son not only of Uzbekistan but also of Karakalpakstan,” he said.