The Democratic Party of Uzbekistan Milliy Tiklanish (National Revival) announced on May 31 that it would not nominate its own candidate for the upcoming presidential elections and that it would support Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the incumbent President and the nominee of the ruling party UzLiDeP. This was stated by the Milliy Tiklanish party leader Alisher Kadirov.

“I believe that this decision is the right decision in terms of the interests of the state, the people and the party,” party leader and presidential candidate for the 2021 elections Alisher Kadirov said.

milliy tiklanish, presidential elections

The press service of Milliy Tiklanish said that the party would support Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the incumbent president and the nominee of the ruling party UzLiDeP, for the presidential election. It said that most of its programme goals (143 out of 237 tasks) had been achieved “as a direct result of the president’s activities” in the past six years.

The party praised Mirziyoyev’s efforts to preserve and develop the national language, history, culture and heritage, which are the top priorities of Milliy Tiklanish.

It also highlighted positive changes in strengthening and supporting the family as a basic unit of society, GDP growth of over $80 billion, tourism service exports, “unprecedented reforms” in education and many other achievements.

It said that Milliy Tiklanish had a long-standing partnership with UzLiDeP to realise its political goals and that they had worked together in the “Bloc of Democratic Forces” in Parliament. It said that their joint activity had led to the initiation of a constitutional reform in 2022.

Milliy Tiklanish announced its support for the UzLiDeP’s candidate as early as May 13. Kadirov said “the current difficult times require us to unite.” “We need to rally behind the incumbent president and find the most effective way to ensure the might of our country and the welfare of our people,” Alisher Kadirov said.

milliy tiklanish, presidential elections

Alisher Kadirov at the UzLiDeP congress on May 30. Photo: Manba / Telegram.

Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the incumbent President and the nominee of the ruling party UzLiDeP, was endorsed as a presidential candidate on Monday. His election programme includes “megaprojects” in industry, a new National Social Protection Agency, and a boost in car production to 1 million.

Abdushukur Khamzayev, the nominee of the Ecological Party, was confirmed as a presidential candidate on Tuesday. His election programme proposes to ban disposable plastic and polyethylene containers, electronic cigarettes and petrol cars from 2030.

Robakhon Mahmudova, the nominee of the Adolat Party, was endorsed as a presidential candidate on Saturday. Her election programme features the Social State 2030 programme, agricultural risk insurance, improvement of road infrastructure and other initiatives.

Ulugbek Inoyatov, the nominee of the PDPU, was also endorsed as a presidential candidate. His election programme includes a tax on luxury property, the introduction of jury trials and other initiatives.