On May 30, the Ecological Party of Uzbekistan confirmed the nomination of its leader, Abdushukur Khamzaev, as a candidate for the upcoming presidential election on 9 July.

Abdushukur Khamzayev, a professor and a doctor of agricultural sciences, was born on December 10, 1973, in the Surkhandarya Region’s Uzun District.

“As an experienced politician and activist, Abdushukur Khudoykulovich has gained extensive experience in state and public administration, in social and economic spheres, and has shown dedication to ecology and environmental protection, enjoying the respect of party members and the people,” the statement says.

He aims to implement the Green Uzbekistan 2030 programme, which proposes to reduce pesticide use, launch a “green visa” scheme, create a “green economy transition index” for sectors and regions, and shift the transport priority from heavy vehicles to railways.

abdushukur xamzayev, presidential candidate, presidential elections

In the social sphere, he plans to establish state dental clinics, enforce a 30% green area requirement for city master plans, increase public oversight of urban planning, and require environmental impact assessment for regulations. He also intends to phase out disposable plastic and plastic containers, ban electronic cigarettes from 2030, and prohibit the sale and import of cars from 2030.

He also aims to strengthen the rule of law and reform the judicial system. He plans to adopt environmental, water and forest codes, a new law “On Waste” and a programme “On Improving Public Environmental Culture” through codifying environmental legislation. He also wants to develop an environmental insurance system, enhance the quality of legal assistance and improve the training of environmental lawyers.

The programme also envisages enhancing openness and transparency of state bodies, lowering the use of fines by administrative bodies, increasing the authority of courts, regulating road safety only by law, and so on.

He also plans to adopt a “Sustainable Environmental Development Strategy” to set the state environmental policy priorities and a “Green Energy Strategy” to outline the renewable energy sources prospects in the field of state and society building.

The election programme’s priorities aim to ensure people’s rights to a comfortable environment, create decent living conditions for the people and future generations, and build a prosperous society, it states.