The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, called for early presidential elections.

He announced the signing of the decree at a meeting with the heads of the Oliy Majlis, parties, the judiciary and the executive on 8 May to discuss the results of the referendum.

“Naturally, the question arises: what is the objective need for such a decision? — the President asked. — Why would I give up the remaining three and a half years of my presidential term?”

He replied: “You see, according to our Basic Law, first of all, all the branches of power are being reformed, the relationship and balance between them is being seriously changed.”

“Second, the renewed constitution poses urgent new political, social and economic tasks to the President, Parliament, government, ministers and hokims”, the head of state continued.

“Third, our people expect from us extremely important and urgent changes and reforms in all spheres,” the President noted.

“Fourthly, in the current situation, when acute and complicated processes are taking place in the world and in the region, the most urgent and important issue is the search and implementation of the right and effective way of development,” he said.

“Dear and respected fellow citizens, all of you see that we have set even higher goals”. — Shavkat Mirziyoyev continued.

“We will continue to work on every issue concerning the life of the state and society, the current and future development, only and exclusively with you, our wise and generous people,” he assured.

“It is not accidental that our Basic Law stipulates that the people are the only source of state power. From this point of view, in the renewed system of the state power, the mandate should be given only to the leader who is trusted by our people, I repeat, only by our people,” the President said.

“I believe that this will be the most right and fair decision in the current situation,” he said.

The President expressed his confidence that the elections will be held in full compliance with the law, in an open and transparent manner, that parties and presidential candidates will put forward new ideas and initiatives serving peace and prosperity of the country and well-being of the people.

On 6 May, the Electoral Code was amended regarding early elections for the presidency, the Legislative Chamber and the Senate.

When the President appoints an early election for the head of state, it must be held within two months.

If the President dissolves the Legislative Chamber, elections are held within three months; if the lower house of Parliament decides to dissolve itself, they must be held within two months. If the President dissolves the Senate, elections for the Senate are held within three months, and if the Senate dissolves itself, within one month.