A constitutional law that amends several legal acts of Uzbekistan, including the Electoral Code, took effect on 8 May. The law was passed in a swift process within 6 days: the Legislative Chamber passed the law on 2 May, the Senate approved it on 4 May and the President on 6 May.

The following paragraph was added to Article 66 of the Electoral Code (Early Presidential Elections):

When the President appoints an early presidential election, the election shall be held within two months in full compliance with this Code. The timetable for the preparation and conduct of the election shall be established by the Central Electoral Commission.

Article 74−1 (Early Elections of Deputies to the Legislative Chamber) also appears in the Code. It states that when the President dissolves the Legislative Chamber, elections to the lower house shall be held within three months, in accordance with the Electoral Code. If the Legislative Chamber decides to dissolve itself, elections of deputies are held within two months. The Central Election Commission also establishes the deadlines for the preparation and conduct of elections.

The Code also includes Article 87−1 (Early Election of Members of the Senate). If the Senate is dissolved by the President, elections to the Senate shall be held within three months, and if it is self-dissolved, within one month.

Recall that the new constitution granted the President the right to call an early election of the head of state, while Parliament was granted the right to dissolve itself.