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Senate approves amendments to law on state flag
23 June 2023, 21:31

Senate approves amendments to law on state flag

Uzbekistan’s Senate approved amendments to the law on the state flag. The changes expand the use of the national flag and authorize its use by individuals and legal entities representing Uzbekistan at official international events. Restrictions on disrespectful treatment of the flag were added.

The Senate approves ratification of Uzbek-Kazakh border demarcation treaty
23 June 2023, 16:05

The Senate approves ratification of Uzbek-Kazakh border demarcation treaty

The Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan approved a law ratifying an agreement between Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan on the demarcation of their shared border.

CBU chief highlights decrease in dollarization of deposits
8 June 2023, 00:29

CBU chief highlights decrease in dollarization of deposits

The Chairman of the Central Bank of Uzbekistan said that bank deposits in foreign currency decreased by 9% in 2022. The bank attributed the decrease in dollarization to the geopolitical situation, the attractiveness of soum interest rates and the stability of the exchange rate.

Uzbekistan’s Electoral Code amended with early election articles
9 May 2023, 05:32

Uzbekistan’s Electoral Code amended with early election articles

Uzbekistan enacted a constitutional law that allows the President and Parliament to call early elections for the head of state and the legislative bodies. The law stipulates that when the President appoints early presidential elections, they must be held within two months.

“They will be in jail from call to call.” Senator on the abolition of parole for fraud
10 April 2023, 20:04

“They will be in jail from call to call.” Senator on the abolition of parole for fraud

In Uzbekistan, those convicted of fraud by stealing billions from people or the government serve only a third of their sentence, are released and continue spending the “stashed money,” Senator Shukhrat Chulliyev said. Under the new amendments, they will now “serve from call to call,” he said.

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