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EU, UNDP to support anti-corruption effort in Uzbekistan
22 April 2024, 10:47

EU, UNDP to support anti-corruption effort in Uzbekistan

EU and UNDP together with Anti-Corruption Agency of Uzbekistan launched the Action “Improving Governance in Uzbekistan” aimed at bolstering the government’s anti-corruption efforts. With a total budget of over 7 million euros, the action consists of two projects to cover all regions of the country.

2023 anti-corruption rankings: Uzbekistan state bodies assessed
28 March 2024, 20:36

2023 anti-corruption rankings: Uzbekistan state bodies assessed

Anti-Corruption Agency of Uzbekistan released a new rating for state bodies' anti-corruption efforts. The Ministry of Mining Industry and Geology and Central Bank received top scores, while 40 bodies were rated “satisfactory” and 15 as “unsatisfactory”.

Head of Senate explains delay in signing law “On Conflict of Interests” into effect
27 January 2024, 14:14

Head of Senate explains delay in signing law “On Conflict of Interests” into effect

In June 2023, Senate passed the law “On Conflict of Interest”, forwarding it to the president of Uzbekistan. Despite the 30-day window for the president to sign or return the document, a decision is pending. Head of the Senate Tanzila Narbayeva revealed ongoing examination of the law by AP experts.

President Mirziyoyev: 'Corruption has brought even most powerful states to brink of abyss'
19 December 2023, 17:06

President Mirziyoyev: 'Corruption has brought even most powerful states to brink of abyss'

Uzbekistan will develop and implement a national strategy against corruption until 2030, President Mirziyoyev said. The Anti-Corruption Agency will study foreign experience and the practice of anti-corruption investigation. Head of state emphasized appreciation toward the mass media’s contribution.

Monument symbolizing fight against corruption presented in Tashkent
19 December 2023, 14:26

Monument symbolizing fight against corruption presented in Tashkent

The president of Uzbekistan and the emir of Qatar opened a monument symbolizing the fight against corruption in Tashkent. “The composition implies purity of deeds and thoughts, absolute rejection of corruption,” the press service of the head of the country said.

Senate passes the law “On conflict of interest.” Key takeaways
2 June 2023, 11:25

Senate passes the law “On conflict of interest.” Key takeaways

The Senate of Uzbekistan passed the law “On conflict of interests.” It stipulates the concept “conflict of interest” and liabilities. Next is President’s approval.

Korean institute to help transform a landfill site in Jizzakh
31 May 2023, 21:45

Korean institute to help transform a landfill site in Jizzakh

The Ministry of Natural Resources and the Korea Environmental Industry and Technology Institute (KEITI) will implement a $6.6 million grant project to transform the Jizzakh landfill, generate energy from landfill gas and recycle medical waste, among other things.

“They will be in jail from call to call.” Senator on the abolition of parole for fraud
10 April 2023, 20:04

“They will be in jail from call to call.” Senator on the abolition of parole for fraud

In Uzbekistan, those convicted of fraud by stealing billions from people or the government serve only a third of their sentence, are released and continue spending the “stashed money,” Senator Shukhrat Chulliyev said. Under the new amendments, they will now “serve from call to call,” he said.

Uzbek Senate approves amendments to strengthen anti-corruption legislation
10 April 2023, 19:32

Uzbek Senate approves amendments to strengthen anti-corruption legislation

Uzbek Senate approves legislative amendments aimed at combating corruption, introducing a new term “corruption offences” and increasing penalties for those crimes. The move is aimed at enhancing transparency and accountability.

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