The removal of advertising banners from the facades and sides of residential buildings with mosaics has completed in Tashkent, The Department for Digital Development under Tashkent hokimiyat (mayor's office) and Uzbekistan Art and Culture Development Foundation (ACDF) announced.

Photo by Yevgeny Sorochin / by Yevgeny Sorochin /

The specialists from four organizations — the Cultural Heritage Agency and the Antimonopoly Committee, in addition to the two named above — participated in the project.

The work started back in 2021, the ACDF told The specialists collected documents, studied the mosaics, convened scientific and expert councils and worked to introduced the mosaics in the National List of Objects of Tangible Cultural Heritage.

Photo by Yevgeny Sorochin / by Yevgeny Sorochin /

In March, the Cabinet of Ministers included 157 mosaic panels in Tashkent and other regions of the country to the national list as objects of monumental art. 117 of them are located in the capital, mostly in Olmazor and Shaykhontokhur districts.

Following the government’s resolution, more than 40 mosaics in Tashkent were cleared from advertisements between April and June.

The ACDF noted that some private companies whose banners were hiding the mosaics, showed social responsibility and removed their banners themselves even before the government’s resolution.

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This, a total of 70 mosaics on apartment buildings have been cleared from banners over the past period in Tashkent. The fund did not specify the number of mosaics located on non-residential buildings and cleared from advertising.

Photo by Yevgeny Sorochin / by Yevgeny Sorochin /

Many mosaic panels located on multi-story residential buildings are in need of restoration, Lazizbek Toshkulov of the Department for Digital Development said.

In April, the development launched the Mosaics of Tashkent website, which contains photos and information about 390 mosaics in the city, including 15 that have been lost.