The Statistics Agency under the President of Uzbekistan has been directed to conduct a census in 2025−2026, as outlined in the roadmap on deepening reforms in the official statistics approved by the presidential decree on March 5.

Throughout 2024, the agency is expected to continue its preparations for the census. This includes developing promotional materials such as videos, banners, flyers, and booklets to inform and educate the public about the census. Additionally, the agency is to refine census questionnaires based on the results of a pilot census conducted in 2021 and recommendations from international experts.

Furthermore, the agency should improve the information system “Population Census” based on international experience and expert advice. It will also purchase a license for the STATA software package and design output tables for representing census results. A plan for organizing the census is set for development as well.

The census itself is scheduled to take place in 2025−2026, with the preparation and publication of the results planned for 2026−2027.

In addition, by the end of 2025, the Statistics Agency should develop methodological documents for the preparation and implementation of the agricultural census. This survey is expected to reflect the state of the agricultural sector, including land size, ownership, land use types, land areas, irrigation, livestock, labor force participation and other agricultural resources.

The regulatory document for the agricultural census is planned to be adopted in 2027−2028.

Uzbekistan has not conducted a census in 34 years. Originally scheduled for 2022, it was postponed due to the pandemic until November 2023, but funding for the event has not yet been allocated.