A new hotel has opened its doors to the passengers in the departure terminal of Tashkent International Airport, as announced by the press service of Uzbekistan Airports.

The hotel is located in the terminal’s waiting area to the left of the Art Bazaar complex. It accommodates 24 mini rooms spread across two floors. Facilities on the first floor also include bathrooms, showers, a reception desk, an information board, and each room has an individual boarding invitation system.

“Mini rooms, arranged as small cozy cabins, offer a full single bed and a minimal set of amenities such as a lamp, mirror, clothes rack, hand luggage shelf and table. The idea of the hotel is to let a passenger stay here for a few hours during the transfer without leaving the airport and the transit zone,” the press service of the company shared.

The hotel, with a total area of 240 square meters, was transferred to the management of a private company through bidding on the electronic platform E-auksion. The place will operate under the brand Khamsa Hotel.

The hotel’s operator has established tariffs ranging from $30 to $150, determined by the duration of the stay and the room class. Among the 24 rooms, 23 fall under the “standard” class, while one room is designated as “deluxe,” catering to family accommodations.

Famous Uzbek artist Bobur Ismailov designed the hotel in oriental style, the company noted.

“The capital’s airport is transforming into a modern international hub before our eyes, and I am very happy to make my modest contribution to its transformation,” commented Bobur Ismailov. “Our project is made in a style completely different from those of similar hotels in many airports around the world. We tried to convey the authenticity and luxury of the East, while the capsules manage to retain European minimalism and compactness. Sadly, not every transfer passenger can stay in Uzbekistan and see the ancient cities and culture. Therefore, our goal was to create an authentic atmosphere right at the airport.”