A presidential decree issued on December 21 outlines measures to support women.

In particular, it establishes a goal of achieving a 30% representation of women in managerial positions across all state bodies, organizations, and enterprises by 2030. This includes local executive authorities, the judiciary, law enforcement agencies, as well as the formation of boards of directors and supervisory boards of state enterprises.

The decree also categorizes victims of family violence as individuals requiring social protection and experiencing employment challenges. Employers will reserve job opportunities for this group of people.

Starting from February 1, 2024, educational organizations will arrange entrepreneurial training courses for women engaging in home-based work and crafts. The state Family and women support fund will finance the training costs. The state will cover up to 70% of the expenses for each female who graduated from the training course. The sum will not exceed five times the basic calculation value (BCV).

The Ministry of employment and poverty reduction, together with UzCharmSanoat, UzTukimachilikSanoat, UzbekIpakSanoat, and ParrandaSanoat associations, will ensure the formulation of targeted requirements for the necessary workers in the enterprises and organizations within these associations.

Starting from January 1, 2024, the State fund for support of entrepreneurship activities will cover payments for the first three months of rent for buildings and premises, up to ten times the amount of the BCV. This support extends to unemployed women registered as entrepreneurs for the production and sale of modern national clothing.

By the end of 2024, self-sustaining cooperatives will be established in 50 districts, expanding to at least 100 districts by the end of 2025. These cooperatives will enter into futures contracts for items produced by women and ensure their realization.

Additionally, women who produce products but face challenges in finding a market will receive assistance, including support through training workshops on social media marketing.

Starting January 1, 2024, women will have the opportunity for paid public work in the position of clerks in the self-governing bodies of citizens. The duration will be up to 11 months.