The Ministry of Defense stated that Uzbekistan possesses sufficient armed forces to ensure its security.

The Press Secretary of Minister of Defence Otabek Yuldashev issued the statement in his Telegram channel, citing Article 153 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan, which reads “the Republic of Uzbekistan maintains the Armed Forces to ensure its security at the level of necessary sufficiency.”

In response to on the matter of the statement, Otabek Yuldashev replied that the media center of the Ministry of Defense is gearing up for the 32nd anniversary of the Armed Forces of Uzbekistan. He added that several more publications on the legal foundations of the Armed Forces are planned for the future.

As a reminder, Uzbekistan updated its Defense doctrine in 2017. According to this document, the Defense Doctrine of Uzbekistan is a military doctrine with a defensive character.

“Uzbekistan does not consider any state as its adversary and builds relations with all countries on the basis of the priority of national interests of the country and taking into account the universally recognized principles and norms of international law, mutual benefit, equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, settlement of all disputes by peaceful means and through negotiations, recognition of inviolability and invariability of the established interstate borders,” the doctrine reads.

At the same time, it notes that “more and more often the universally recognized principles and norms of international law are subjected to free interpretation and selective application,” while the existing and new hotbeds of tension are escalating in the world.

These factors might require the use of military force, the Defense Doctrine says. “Under these conditions, the defense potential of the state remains one of the main instruments of deterrence, neutralization and elimination of threats to national security in the military sphere,” the document outlines.