Robakhon Mahmudova, the First Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Court and the Chairperson of the Judicial Board for Administrative Cases, has been endorsed by the Adolat (Justice) Social Democratic Party as its presidential candidate in the early elections scheduled for July 9. The Yangi Uzbekiston newspaper’s Telegram channel reported this on Friday.

The same day that the Supreme Qualification Collegium of Judges suspended Mahmudova’s judicial powers on the basis of her application. According to Article 62 of the Law on Courts, a judge has no right to engage in political activities.

Political parties are only entitled to nominate presidential candidates from among their party members or non-partisans. Robakhon Makhmudova is not a member of the Adolat party.

Robakhon Makhmudova has served as First Deputy Chairperson of the Supreme Court of Uzbekistan and Chairperson of the Judicial Collegium for Administrative Cases since July 2020.

Born in 1958 in Fergana, she previously served as Chairperson of the Criminal Court of Fergana Region and Head of the People’s Reception Office of the President of Uzbekistan in Fergana Region. She was Chairperson of the Senate Committee on Science, Education and Health.