Silk Avia, Uzbekistan’s first regional airline and a subsidiary of Uzbekistan Airports, has officially announced the commencement of its commercial flight operations starting April 25. The airline has made tickets available for purchase via its website and airport ticket offices.

Weekly flights will be operated on the following routes:

  • Tashkent — Termez — Tashkent (2 times a week);
  • Tashkent — Navoi — Tashkent (2 flights per week);
  • Tashkent — Namangan — Tashkent (4 times per week);
  • Tashkent — Karshi — Tashkent (4 times a week);
  • Tashkent — Bukhara — Urgench — Bukhara — Tashkent (5 times per week);
  • Tashkent — Samarkand — Urgench — Samarkand — Tashkent (7 times a week).

At the moment the company has two ATR 72−600 turboprops, the third one is expected to be delivered soon. As the new planes are delivered, the schedule will expand, the company’s press office said.

In the initial phase, Silk Avia is offering three distinct fare options for passengers. The ODDIY (tr. — “Simple”) fare permits only carry-on luggage with a maximum weight of 5 kg and dimensions up to 40×30×20 cm, and the ticket is non-refundable. The OSON (tr. — “Easy”) fare, while also not including checked luggage, allows for ticket refunds or rebooking. Lastly, the OMAD (tr. — “Lucky”) fare includes up to 20 kg of checked luggage along with the flexibility of ticket rebooking and refunds.

Until 30 April tickets, including refundable and luggage, on all routes are available at the lowest fare — from 17 to 35 euros depending on the route.

No meals, plaids, pillows, napkins are offered on board. Passengers can only get water in 0.25 litre bottles.

“We had the task of creating a low-cost carrier that transports people across the country quickly, reliably and inexpensively from point A to point B… By [cutting costs] we were able to bring the price of an air ticket close to that of rail transport,” the company said.