Businesses at the Termez international trade center, a free trade zone at Uzbekistan’s southern border with Afghanistan, have been allowed to accept payments not only in Uzbek soums, but also in US dollars, Russian rubles, euros and Chinese yuans in wholesale and retail trade. This is stipulated in a resolution (in Russian) signed by president Shavkat Mirziyoyev on 13 May.

Entrepreneurs registered in Uzbekistan and operating in the center have been permitted to employ citizens of Afghanistan and other countries, as well as stateless persons, based on labor contracts without confirmation of their right to engage in work.

Citizens of Afghanistan and Pakistan have been granted the right to lease and, as an exceptional case, own shops, buildings and constructions intended for provision of services and production.

A medical clinic to be created at the center will provide medical services to citizens of Afghanistan. Patients with serious illnesses that cannot be treated at the clinic will be referred for medical entry visas for treatment at state and private medical institutions in other regions of Uzbekistan.

Citizens of Uzbekistan and other states, as well as stateless persons, will be permitted access to the center on the basis of their identification documents after being examined at checkpoints.

The president’s resolution allows foreign citizens and stateless persons to enter the center’s territory via a special corridor with border and customs control without an entry visa for a period of up to 15 days.

The entry visa is required for those who intend to stay more than 15 days and have purchased shops, buildings and constructions for provision of services and production, as well as arriving for contract-based employment, study, work at banks or trade activity.