Five million people is the number of workplaces Uzbekistan is planning to create in 2024. The data comes from a meeting on improving population employment and reducing the requirements in the area of entrepreneurship run by the President of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

Out of five million new workplaces, half of the figure lands in the area of services, 2.1 million in agriculture, 250 thousand in investment projects and manufacturing, 140 thousand in construction.

Moreover, the state aims to encourage an additional two million people to launch their businesses. This is expected to be achieved by introducing “new financial instruments, including a new system of micro financing,” reads the statement.

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Photo: Press-service of the President of Uzbekistan

1.3 million people in Uzbekistan remain unemployed, per state statistics. This year the labor market will have an influx of 2.4 more million people, as it was announced in the meeting.

President Mirziyoyev approved the proposed program for creating new job opportunities and assisting the population in employment in 2024.