The first of its kind, Agency becomes a body that will oversee development and implementation of a single state policy in the area of social protection. It is expected to be independent from other state institutions and officials.

Its establishment has been declared by the presidential decree from June 1. A new institution will have Tashkent regional department, department in Karakalpakstan and regions of Uzbekistan, and “Inson” (Human), centers of social services, in regions and cities.

The decree mentions the principles of welfare state as per renewed Constitution. It also highlights that it is aimed at “indisputable protection of the interests and rights of citizens to social protection, fundamental improvement in the quality of social services provided to the population, as well as the introduction of an entirely new management system in this area, based on advanced international standards.”

“Social protection is limited to money distribution. In fact the system has to help people move out of difficult situation and find their place in society,” acknowledged Shavkat Mirziyoyev while unveiling his election program in Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan congress on March 30.

“We have nine million people in 30 categories in difficult condition. They include disabled, lonely senior people, those who lost a breadwinner, women who suffered from domestic violence,” he said.

In Uzbekistan currently social services are provided in six different ministries. They will be streamlined to a newly formed agency to ensure a better coordination, said Shavkat Mirziyoyev in his speech.

The decree sets introduction of professional social protection system, ensuring socialization those in need of support, individual approach, and more.

The Agency will unite the following bodies (in unofficial translation):

Starting June 15, from the Ministry of Employment and Poverty Reduction:

  • The Medical and Social Expert Assessment Inspectorate and its territorial subdivisions;
  • The National Center for Rehabilitation and Prosthetics for Persons with Disabilities and its regional centers;
  • The Republican Center for Rehabilitation and Adaptation of Women and its territorial divisions;
  • The Republican Rehabilitation Center for Assistance to Victims of Human Trafficking;
  • Sahovat and Muruvvat homes for the elderly and disabled;
  • Republican boarding house for war and labor veterans;
  • sanatoriums for the elderly, persons with disabilities, veterans of war and labor.

Starting June 15:

  • School of Courage from the National Paralympic Committee of Uzbekistan;
  • Activities of the Institute for training specialists in Paralympic sports will be coordinated jointly by the committee and the agency.

Starting January 1, 2024:

  • Baby houses from the Ministry of Health;
  • Mercy houses from the Ministry of Preschool and School Education;
  • Segments for working with juveniles and family orphanages from the system of local executive authorities.

Starting August 1, 2024:

  • Specialized schools and boarding schools for children with special educational needs, multidisciplinary specialized pre-school educational organizations, as well as specialized training and educational institutions from the system of the Ministry of Preschool and School Education;
  • Specialized professional schools for persons with disabilities from the system of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Innovations.

Starting January 1, 2025:

  • Rehabilitation centers for homeless people from the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • the Social Security Fund (unofficial translation) from the system of the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

As specified in the decree, these organizations and structural subdivisions will be transferred to the agency “completely together with the existing sources of funding, staff positions, rights and obligations, property and other inventory items.”

“Inson” Social Services Group (unofficial translation)

There will be regional and city centers of “Inson” social services groups. They will be working at mahalla level in the following duties:

  • Analysis of situation at each houses and apartments, identifying the real family situation and their needs for social services;
  • Creation of family social passport based on analysis of their socio-economic condition and needs;
  • Establishment of effective work with those in need, including the use of case management method, receiving applications for social services and assistance from them, and, if necessary, sending requests to responsible ministries and agencies;
  • Monitoring of families in difficult situations, and families high risk of falling into challenging life situation, establishing social help and services for them.

A number of divisions will be formed under the agency. They include the Social Inspectorate with divisions in Karakalpakstan, Tashkent city and other regions of the country. Center for professional development of employees of the social protection system; the Institute for the Development of Social Welfare, and more.

The Agency has the right to

  • File declarations to relevant state bodies for nonfulfillment of their responsibilities in the area of social services;
  • Adopt obligatory laws and regulations within its capacity;
  • Draw protocols on administrative offenses;
  • Request statistical and analytical data from state organizations;
  • Determine university admissions parameters based on state grant.

Changes in the system of Administration of President of Uzbekistan

The now has a new position, advisor on social protection — and the director of the newly created National Social Protection Agency under the President.

As reported earlier, Mansurbek Olloyorov has been appointed its direction.

The administration will also have a Division on social protection (unofficial translation).