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“Tashkent to apply Sydney’s practices to renovate streets,” city hokim says
13 April 2024, 17:02

“Tashkent to apply Sydney’s practices to renovate streets,” city hokim says

Tashkent hokimiyat plans to undertake renovation of mahallas and streets using a unified code based on the practices of Sydney, Australia. Hokim Shavkat Umurzakov announced the initiative. “Ideal conditions should extend beyond the city center, in the most challenging and remote mahallas,” he said.

Shavkat Umurzakov becomes hokim of Tashkent city
3 April 2024, 12:08

Shavkat Umurzakov becomes hokim of Tashkent city

Shavkat Umurzakov, who has been serving as the acting hokim (mayor) of the capital city for more than a year, has been appointed as the hokim of Tashkent.

Nearly half of Tashkent’s new acting mayor’s decisions remain concealed from public
17 April 2023, 21:10

Nearly half of Tashkent’s new acting mayor’s decisions remain concealed from public

Since his appointment less than a month ago, Acting Tashkent Mayor Shavkat Umurzakov has signed 35 decisions, with nearly 50% of them concealed from the public eye. Additionally, four of the 14 decrees adopted remain inaccessible as well.

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